How long is the life of a cold cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-25

I believe you will pay attention to when buying goods to buy goods shelf life, certainly no one will buy expired products are hope production date as fresh as possible. So cold and hot shrinkage products industry, our sales staff will often meet customer asks questions about the life of the cold cable accessories. What factors will affect the service life of cold shrink cable accessories? Today, let small make up to tell you about hope the following can help to you.

what is the cold shrink cable accessories? It is the use of elastomer materials ( Commonly used with silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) Injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, then through hole enlargement, lined with plastic screw support constitute parts of various kinds of cable accessories.

the first one of the factors affecting the service life of cold shrink cable accessories is made of raw materials. Cold cable accessories is made of silicone rubber this high elastomer material in the mold in injection molding, and then screw plastic internal support fixed support bar to expand. When use will pull it support article contracted in normal temperature condition. Cold cable accessories contraction principle is the same as we usually use a rubber band, support is to keep it a piece of state, but if time is too long will be like a rubber band loses its elasticity, so the expansion of good cold cable accessories of life is short, should be used within a year or so.

the second cold electrical properties and physical properties of the product itself will also affect the service life of cold shrink cable accessories. Discharge performance to determine whether the resistance can effectively avoid interface with electrical gap and the ontology of the air gap defect; Electric field strength is related to the ability of control can effectively reduce the external electric field intensity can help reduce partial discharge and long-term safe operation of these three aspects.

the Last, the service life of cold shrink cable accessories is also related to storage and use of the environment. Cold cable accessories is stored in avoid dry clean place, direct sun or will accelerate the cold cable accessories such as aging will crack, shrinkage degree does not reach the designated position, etc.

about the service life of the cable accessories for 30 years is do the conclusion on the aging test in laboratory, the cold cable accessories development so far is a decade, until we come back to 2020, to see if it can be used for 30 years, but now the line is used in nearly 10 years will repair, replace, not reached its service life is to retire ahead of schedule.

in order to ensure the strength of the core wire and easy to install, core line adopts hasp method establishment, and has a uniform laser node what do you mean? This is the cold cable accessories inside a support, it in the cold cable accessories production accounts for a certain use, use of welding is evener, strength is not easy to loose.

1, not all of the life of the cable accessories can reach 30 years, with the existing materials are very different. The man above the domestic cold made a summary, but around the world, you can see some good quality cable accessories has been running more than 30 years. For example: the United States since 1973 has already started to use cold cable accessories.

2, about the concept of uniform laser node, but early are by foreign technology have put forward a new concept, is 3 m for homogeneous laser nodes represent different from larger than Rayleigh characteristics. At the time of smoked pull rope core, you will find that it is a cold tube increases the strength of the whole, at the same time when smoked pull more convenient also. Also solve another problem: though many domestic manufacturers also adopted the uniform laser node, but often not installed cold tube can save half a year, more than the deadline will appear after the collapse phenomenon ( Also is the so-called core line laser nodes caused by broken) , the concept of real uniform laser node can guarantee not installed cold tube can save three years.

whether wire and cable products, for more safety during use, must not do regular check, look to whether ageing, whether or not to change.

by the introduction of the above we all know the life span of the cold cable accessories main influence factors, in the process of purchasing must pay attention to these aspects. If any product problems in use process please contact our customer service staff, we will do all we can solve for you!

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