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by:Mings     2020-07-04

is based largely on insulator under various conditions of load, Mainly is the maximum load, load, calculating the load all the year round, bolt and disconnected load) The safety factor of the mechanical strength, according to various load insulator to choose suitable strength of insulator.


insulator rated mechanical failure load of insulator under various working conditions or load/safety coefficient of various kinds of load insulator mechanical strength.

insulator is a mechanical and electrical, machinery is able to bear the vertical load of conductor and hardware, the choice can, in accordance with the tonnage role is electrical insulation effect, according to the different voltage level have different level corresponding insulator, in accordance with the principle of the above two selection can grasp the big principle.

second, divided into standard and anti-pollution and other special type insulator. You can choose according to the environment situation of the insulator.

want to tell you that the first turn on the big principle to grasp, you according to the principle of the corresponding choice after there will be a few fixed insulator is suitable for you, and then control the insulator you choose parameters determine according to the field situation, such as tensile, creepage distance, anti-fouling performance and other features. To judge models.

1。 Insulator is usually divided into can breakdown and not breakdown.

2。 According to the structure can be divided into the column, Pillar) Insulator, suspension insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, tighten and bushing insulator, anti-pollution insulator.

3。 According to the application is divided into line insulator and power plant and electrical insulator. Which used in the circuit can be breakdown type insulator pin type, butterfly, disc hanging, not breakdown type with cross arm and bar hanging.

according to the first line voltage grade, choose the corresponding voltage grade insulator; Then according to the needs of the insulator in the region should withstand mechanical load, choose corresponding mechanical load levels of insulator.

in simple terms, insulator for two key parameters, voltage level and mechanical load level.

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