How to choose the cable connection products?

by:Mings     2020-06-30

it is well known that cable safety hazard in the application of basic it out on the connection. General due to the complexity of underground power lines, cable to extend or accident treatment when all intermediate junction box to connect the cables. High voltage cable connection forms are: prefabricated, prefabricated type, bolt and cold joint in the middle. Prefabricated cable joint for insulation outside diameter error, high insulation surface roughness, is strict with the size. Bolt type cable connector, because with a gap, easy to cause the phase plug fall off or loose, cable joint caused by deficiency, to produce single phase current is too large, contact temperature and wire connection point were burned. Prefabricated type cable connector is advanced, but the interface stress, stress the distance between tube and the outer screen and interface dry high cleanliness requirements, construction practice for a long time.

through comparison and analysis, the cold insulation technology is reliable, good sealing, easy installation, and there is no fire, no heating, safe and reliable, save time and effort, is the ideal choice. The level of the connector specification. In accordance with the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) Classification, the connector belong to electronic equipment with mechanical and electronic components, its specification level is:

specifications ( variant)

category ( 家庭) Example: the connector

varieties ( 风格) Example: YB3470

type ( 类型) Example: YB type circular connector

category ( 子- - - - - - 家庭) Interconnect level according to the electronic equipment inside and outside the function of the connection, interconnection ( 互连) Can be divided into five levels.

the internal connection of chip packages

(2) IC assembly pin connection with PCB. Typical IC socket connector.

(3) printed circuit connection with wire or printed circuit board. Typical connector for printed circuit.

(4) of the base plate and the bottom connection. Typical connector for machine cabinet.

5. The connection between the devices and equipment. Typical products of circular connector.

the first (3) and (4) the level have some overlapping. In five levels of the connector, the higher the market is the first (3) and (5) levels of products, and is currently growing faster is the first (3) levels of products. In industry management in China, the connector and switch, keyboard, collectively known as electric plug components such as the electric plug elements and relay is generally referred to as the mechanical and electrical components. The connectors product range. Types of connector products division although some confusion, but technically, connector product category only two basic method: (1) according to the working frequency, low frequency and high frequency ( By a 3 MHZ) , (2) according to the structure shape: circular and rectangular ( Cross section) 。

so, cable accessories technology application in the electric power design and production produced results after's ability to adapt to all kinds of application scenarios will naturally enhanced markedly, which widen the application range of electric cable also nots allow to ignore to play a positive role.

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