How to clean the high voltage line insulator 【 With a high definition video 】

by:Mings     2020-07-06

in wet weather conditions, smudgy insulator flashover discharge occurred easily, so must be clean and restore the original level of insulation. General area cleaning once a year, polluted area cleaning twice a year ( A fog season before) 。

insulator clean video display:

1, the power cleaning

electricity blackouts cleaning is in line after the workers rod with a dishcloth. If brush is not clean, can use wet cloth to wipe, can also use scour scrub, if also wash not net, it should be replaced insulator or change of composite insulator.

2, not power clean

is usually used with a brush or tied in cotton insulation lever, wipe insulator in line on the road. The insulating rod used in electrical properties and the effective length, man and charged part of the distance, should comply with the provisions of the corresponding voltage grade, operation must have the specialist care.

3, charged water flushing

the flood and low water impact and the two methods. Rinse water, lever of effective length, and charged distance must conform to the requirements of the industry regulations, etc.

small make up message: hope that through this article can help you understand the insulator clean way, actually before this small make up also compiled a regular cleaning effective guarantee insulation insulation column column good condition, if you have time can also take a look.

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