How to correctly install the insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-07

we all know that insulator is indispensable to the grid an insulating components, but also ensure the unimpeded prerequisite products, so the insulator installed correctly is very important, Beijing heng electrical below small make up to nagging how to properly installed insulator together with everybody.

we know that the wire through the tower erection, so transmission line insulator is through hardware connection installed on the cross arm of tower. Install schematic diagram as follows:

insulator and wear casing wall before installation we should carry out security checks, the purpose is to ensure that the porcelain pieces, flange shall be complete without crack, agglutination packing integrity and stability.

as a qualified personnel to install, shall guarantee the same level or on the surface of the vertical post insulator or wear casing wall top surface, is located on the same plane, the centerline position must meet the design requirements. Bus line segment of the post insulator installation center line should be in a straight line. The base or flanges shall not be embedded in concrete or plaster layer. Piled up post insulator, centerline should be consistent, should be fixed firmly, fasteners should be complete. Without base and hat glue mounted inside low pressure fixed post insulator and metal parts should be mat with the thickness of not less than 1 between contacting surfaces. 5 mm rubber or asbestos paper buffer washer, etc.

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