How to flush the composite insulator, flush the insulator security measures and the matters needing attention - High voltage insulator, composite insulator, the line insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Insulator water flushing charged water flushing is refers to the injection pressure of water using specialized equipment, flush the electric equipment of electric porcelain insulator surface, clean up polluted insulator surface in order to achieve a kind of homework. Charged water washing method, according to the characteristics of the device structure, both mobile and stationary. Widely adopted abroad stationary water washing device, the device fixed beside the wash equipment; By movable water irrigation in China, a set of tools can wash everywhere. Mobile water flushing is also called handheld nozzle type water rinse. 1) Basic principle of mobile water flushing mobile water flushing is popular in countries around the world, also widely used in domestic, running experience more east, north, northeast, northwest, etc. It * big advantage is economic and flexible, the disadvantage is that the security problem is prominent. The main tools are water pumps, water storage containers and nozzle. Armed with water cannon when working aim the jet of water column high voltage insulator to wash. Portable electric water flushing water gun nozzle diameter size can be divided into large, medium and small three kinds of model. ( 1) Small water flush: nozzle diameter in 3 mm below said little water flushing. Its characteristic is short, small flow rate, water column with less water consumption, tools, and easy to carry, not limited by traffic conditions, especially suitable for bar flush transmission line insulator. Due to the irrigation water volume is small, so the washing of sputtering not serious, when washing power station equipment, less effect on the surrounding equipment; Because rinse water volume is small, need longer flushing time, flushing to clean. Small water washing equipment and can be divided into short nozzle long spout and long nozzle short water two kinds of type, the first with water column family insulation, full working voltage, the person is safe; The latter to nozzle lever, aqueduct and water insulation to withstand all working voltage. ( 2) In water wash: nozzle diameter in 4 ~ 8 mm called water wash, the water column pressure, range far, water amount is larger, wash effect is better than small water flushing, but large influence on adjacent equipment of sputtering. It is suitable for washing power station equipment. ( 3) Big water flush: nozzle diameter greater than 8 mm called the big water flushing, flushing equipment is the fire brigade. The water pressure, water column length, wash effect is good, high efficiency; But the water is too large, short-circuit porcelain skirt, gushing water is easy to cause in the process of flushing equipment flashover probability is higher, and high water consumption, sputtering effects seriously. It is applicable to water abundant plant or line along the highway traffic is very convenient. 2) Mobile water wash the safety of using mobile charged water flushing as antifouling flash measures at home and abroad has a long history, also has a history of more than 40 years in our country, it played a great role to prevent the pollution flashover accident. But in the process of the development of this kind of live working, there have been a lot of lessons. Happened, for example, in the process of water flushing, life or personal injury and electric power equipment are washed to the flash of accidents, in all parts of the country, Beijing, tianjin, xi 'an, shenyang, Shanghai) No fewer than dozens. In Shanghai, for example: 1970 charged water 220 kV line, the operator in the tower will be a long nozzle to touch the wires, occurred along the water gun, aqueduct discharge and cause of deaths and injuries to operators. 1973 - 1975, 220 kV substation 3 times of lightning rod type accident of post insulator, in March 1988, respectively rush shem was 220 kV current transformer casing accidents. This is because in the past there is no systematic study of various factors affecting the safety of the charged water flushing, also do not have charged water flushing operation tools and equipment insulation change rule. ( 1) Mobile water flushing the safety problem of the safety problems appear mainly in the long nozzle in small water flushing method for tools. Due to operator will long nozzle pipe close to or touching a charged body, charged body through the air gap discharge or water column on the washer and the human body. To solve this problem, * washer to scientifically design and operation method, ensure the safety of the operator, whether in the * big operating voltage or system overvoltage, under the condition of charged body for personal discharge can occur. Charged water flushing human and tools of the charged body * is short distance between the nozzle and the charged body of water column length. In large and medium water volume of water washing and small ( Short nozzle water column type) When cleaning, are given priority to with water insulation, its full working voltage. The resistivity of water dielectric strength by water ( p) , water column length ( Z) , water column diameter ( Ping) , water pressure, P) Of factors such as, the water column length is the decisive factor. Through the test and research, it is concluded that the following test results. 【 On a message: the method for measuring insulation resistance of the composite insulator, composite insulator insulation resistance qualified standard 】 【 The next message: cause the brittle fracture of composite insulator mandrel sources of stress corrosion of acid 】
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