How to install pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-16

insulator is to use a product in the power grid, power grid, using the product can be very good and the types of insulator is a lot of, today small make up to introduce the post insulator is one of the insulator products, post insulator to want how to install, here small make up to with all of us to look at.

post insulator, it is in the power industry, we are often applied to the product, and its use effect is very good, we at the time of installation of the product, should first check the porcelain have crack, to make intercourse place packing more strong and complete. And to install in the same plane or on the surface of the vertical post insulator, or the top of the wall bushing, should also be in the same plane, and it's the inevitable requirement of the position of the center line should comply with the design. And bus line segment of the post insulator line should be in the center of the installation on the same line. In SMT, centerline should be consistent, is firmly fixed should, fasteners should be very complete. And there is no base and hat inside adornment of low pressure, from the contact surface of metal workpiece, should pad on the thickness of not less than 1. 5 mm rubber or asbestos paper buffer gasket.

the above is the small make up to bring us post insulator installation related knowledge, believe that after you finish reading this article, should be on the usage of products have more understanding, if you need the product. Also can come to our company to inspect at any time. Or make a phone call to contact us.

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