How to install the cable terminal head small make up to give you the answer

by:Mings     2020-06-26

believe that everyone should know, feelings and impressions of product appearance is one of the basic conditions to decide whether to buy the product. But the surface color feeling, light industrial products and feel the look and feel of color plays a very important role. In particular, some products are composed of multiple parts, sometimes these parts or made of different material, its surface treatment also is not the same, to identify the requirements of the color in this case is very high, for some of the same color the color of the change is very delicate, especially the gray tone, color identification difficulty is quite high. In this article, small make up to tell you how to install the cable terminal head? We take a look at the following:

cable terminal head set waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation, good electric performance and mechanical performance, can under the condition of all kinds of harsh environment for long-term use. Has the advantages of light weight, easy to install. Cable terminals are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway ports and construction and other fields.

cable terminal head and cable connector, power transmission and transformation is an important part in cable line, its role is scattered cable terminal outer screen to cut off the head of the electric field, protect the cable from the breakdown, and internal and external insulation and waterproof, and so on. Cable connector accessories quality, safety play a very important role in the whole power transmission and transformation. Low voltage cable conductor connection is commonly used in pressure, holding pressure note:

1. Make cable terminal head and cable intermediate joint is generally at the scene to deal with cable insulation, and additional insulation materials in some way. The construction site of the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust and other factors directly affect the insulation effect, with the increase of voltage grade, this requirement also more and more strict. Considering the complicated construction site conditions, under normal circumstances do not make hard and fast rules.

2。 Cable terminal head and cable types and type is more, the joint in the middle of the structure, material is different, the requirements of the operating technology also have their own characteristics. This specification only puts forward the basic requirements and the main quality standards, specific execution time, besides shall comply with this specification shall also be in accordance with relevant process production, ensure the installation quality.

cable intermediate joint, the armor of the cable, metal shielding layer should have their own good electrical connection and mutual insulation, the cable terminal, cable sheathing, metal shielding layer lead to ground wire, respectively. Facilitate this connection by outer sheath and the inner layer of insulation test tests, measuring dc resistance metal shielding layer, and then judge the cable into the water. Have detailed request for test in the preventive test procedures.

3。 Cable terminal head and cable intermediate joint is generally at the scene of the cable laying in place after the production, construction personnel required for the structure of cable and terminal and connector, materials should have a certain understanding, sometimes also should have some skills to ensure the installation quality. The new material, new structure and new technology development is rapid, the cable terminal and connector technology increasingly update, so asked for cable terminal head and cable intermediate joint should be familiar with the process of personnel to attend or guidance.

cable terminal head:

cable terminal head role is assembled into the first end of the cable line, and other electric equipment to complete the connection device, there is a terminal head, indoor outdoor terminal head, elbow terminal first.

cable terminal head uniform electric field distribution at the end, to realize the effective control of the electric stress. For uniform electric field distribution as far as possible, improve the reliability of cable operation.

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