How to prevent the composite insulator flashover on rainy days

by:Mings     2020-05-13
How to prevent the composite insulator flashover on rainy days how to prevent flashover of composite insulator pollution flashover is refers to the serious pollution, composite insulator surface when dirty wet with rain, composite insulator surface filth began conducting, arc conductive insulator surface filth extension, flash butt in the insulator surface, is the process of flashing. The moment when the heavy rain, the surface impurity can be washed off, the chance of pollution flashover under light rain, drizzle, in particular, but also can not be completely negative. Flashing this kind of phenomenon will be difficult to occur due to wet weather, despite along the surface of the water leakage, but the insulator is would water, and the thin layer of leakage have diarrhea, no longer produce flash arc discharge or even possible. Composite insulator coating to help enhance the level of antifouling flash, this kind of composite coating is a new type of electric function material, has excellent hydrophobic and rapid, balanced and durable water-repellent mobility, high strength, strong adhesion, corrosion, acid, alkali, salt and strong oxidizer resistance to fouling lightning high pressure; Anti-pollution composite coating oil resistance, good self-cleaning, free cleaning under normal condition. With this material layer of protection, will greatly enhance the level of the grid line safe operation. Poles more than wood, steel and concrete. Its role is to put the wire support enough space height. Porcelain (mounted on the pole Or insulator) Wire and fixed on the porcelain, not directly tied to the pole. Porcelain under the surface of the concave upward, wouldn't get wet by rain, this part of the dry surface stop down the conduction current, to prevent the leakage. Does not necessarily, flashing refers to the unclean adhered on the surface of the electrical equipment insulation in damp conditions, its material gradually dissolve in water, soluble in insulation surface form a layer of conductive film, make the insulation level of compound insulator is greatly reduced, in the presence of electric field under the action of strong discharge phenomenon. ” Flashing & quot; Is a long-standing problems in the transmission and distribution system security, serious damage to the stability of the power grid operation reliability. In bad weather conditions, Such as fog, dew, drizzle, etc. ) , will happen along the wet surface of the composite insulator flashover, cause pollution flashover accident in power systems. Flashing threatens the safe and stable operation of power system, light person affect local power supply, the person that weigh will affect the grid, cracking and even the whole power grid. The occurrence of pollution flashover influence on power system caused a huge loss to national economy. 【 On a message: the existing problems in the development of composite insulator industry and development opportunity. 【 The next message: post insulator and the test items of suspension insulator 】
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