HXGN - 12 ac metal-enclosed switchgear overview

by:Mings     2020-07-21
HXGN - 12 ac metal-enclosed switchgear ( Hereinafter referred to as the ring network cabinet) , performance meet IEC298 52 kv and below the above 1 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment 'standard, and meet the requirements of part two reliable maloperation prevention measures. Protection grade IP2X, and has small volume, light weight, simple operation and lower operating force, have obvious fracture points, the use of safe, convenient maintenance, quality stable and reliable. No fire and explosion danger, reliable wall installation, cover an area of an area small. Can realize three-phase linkage etc. , according to customer's request is suitable for factories, residential area, high-rise buildings, schools, parks and other places of the three-phase rated voltage 10 kv, rated frequency 50 hz action power distribution system, as can only accept and distribution. Can be used in the ring network power supply and terminal power supply.
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