Hydrophobic and hydrophilic condition difference - in the process of composite insulator pollution flashover High voltage insulator, composite insulator, post insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Hydrophobic and hydrophilic state of composite insulator pollution flashover differences in the process of silicone rubber composite insulator and porcelain insulator pollution flashover performance differences reflected in the stages of pollution flashover. 茌 sludge deposition phase, simple composite insulators umbrella, umbrella edges, to reduce this product is very favorable. Composite insulator surface resistivity is high, but the umbrella skirt sheathed with friction and easy to charged particles from the atmosphere, thus easy to suck ash, which is harmful to reduce product pollution. At present, the long-term nature of porcelain insulator product corrupt rule for many years research, and the product of composite insulator pollution laws, such as the quantity of product in the dirt, all the year round for many years the runtime product pollution situation changes in the calendar year, natural wind and rain to dirty cleaning function and cleaning degree, how much precipitation can wash away filth which benefits the precipitation of safe operation, how can only wet sludge layer lower hydrophobic are a threat to the safe operation, which is vulnerable to natural wind and rain washed away, which is difficult to clean and product of the unclean when saturation value, saturated product problems, etc. , are rarely seen reports, to strengthen research. In the stage of be affected with damp be affected with damp, and silicone rubber composite insulator due to hydrophobic mobility, the fouling layer also is hydrophobic, and fouling layer not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, and the surface of the water droplets to separate each other, not form a continuous film of water, along the surface of porcelain insulator leakage current is much lower than the same filthy degrees of leakage current, how to improve the silicone rubber insulator pollution flashover this aging, composite insulator is equivalent diameter small advantage will not change with the extension of running time. Artificial contamination test results show that, even in the hydrophobic complete loss of extreme conditions, the equivalent salt close to 0. 02 ~ 0. 1 mglcm2 test range, because the advantage of equivalent diameter small, composite insulator pollution lightning pressure is still about 20% higher than that of porcelain insulator. In the design of composite insulators umbrella, attention should be paid to reduce the equivalent diameter, to pay attention to the reasonable matching of various sizes of umbrella skirt. Umbrella size of porcelain insulator, umbrella size of composite insulator is recommended in the current international standard data, but according to our experimental results, in general, the total creepage distance and its composite insulator insulation distance is not more than three. 0 ~ 3. O and below. Due to excessive pursuit of creepage distance dense umbrella to decorate, can reduce the dirty lightning pressure insulator. Umbrella in the other details should be how to cooperate with it is to be more meticulous and comprehensive work in the future. 【 On a message: all kinds of high voltage insulator suitable place, why low line insulator installation 】 【 Next message: partial composite insulator surface fouling layer conductivity measurement 】
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