I want to build a Tesla Coil, but i don't want

by:Mings     2020-05-30
well what you can do is get some old wall transformers that you plug in. take those apart and get the transformer and you can take the wire out of that for the secondary. next you just need some glass jars and tin foil to make some capacitors and find yourself a high-voltage source and make a spark gap and your good to go well, it's not as interesting as a Tesla coil, but you can build a van de graaff generator for about 30$ and a trip to home depot. googling the information will suffice as find how to make one. One of Tesla's greatest ambitions was his determination to make electrical power equally available to everyone, especially those in poverty. Before Tesla, all motors ran on direct current only, and that gave Thomas Edison and his 'd.c. only' system the edge. Then Tesla created the alternating current motor, giving a.c. the final edge it needed. A.c. was superior because of the easy transformation of voltages. A.c. could be generated remotely at very high voltages, then 'stepped down' to accommodate local distribution and home use. In comparison, Edison's system depended on the generators being close to the users, and depended on very large conductors between the source and destination to avoid large power losses. 'Almost none of the technological advances of the twentieth century would have been possible without the principles Tesla discovered. We owe Tesla a debt of gratitude every time we flip a switch.'
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