Ili successfully charged replacement of 220 kv insulator for the first time

by:Mings     2020-07-02
CLP news network news correspondent JuQingHua HouPeng Zhong Fanghong NingJianXin reported on January 5, yili electric company for the first time, USES the ground potential practices, finish temperature - 220 kv successfully charged Gong wire tension tower insulator replacement of drainage work, supply 80000 KWH. Smooth completion of the operation of the company in the future to promote 220 kv line charged work laid a good foundation. 220 kv temperature - New source, gong gong line to leave four counties, Tex, zhao su transmission and distribution of tasks, in order to further improve the power supply reliability of the line during the Spring Festival, the company's power transmission project organization staff to this line to conduct a comprehensive inspection tour, found that 61 of the tower resistance defect of insulator, to eliminate due to power outages overhaul of ili the influence of working life, then replace the insulator between the way, in order to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the line. Because the job is ili electric power company power delivery inspection work area live working class for the first time to carry out the tension of the tower ground potential replacement of drainage insulator charged homework, work content is complex, difficult, therefore, the company attaches great importance to the relevant departments, carefully arranged layout, organized technical personnel on-site field investigation, elaborate a variety of live working plan, repeated drills on analog electric circuit, one by one to ensure a safe work day. 5, the test of various work environment factors can satisfy the requirements of charged operation, the company organization staff according to operation procedure in an orderly way in live working replacement insulator work, job site occasionally hear insulation lever when come into contact with electric wires, 'zi zi' discharge, reminded staff that is present 'charged' homework. The fixed change insulator below 2 pieces of more than 170 kg increase the difficulty of work piece is a slight negligence increasing slanting or reverse, insulator will not be able to install. Although the winter chill, on-site staff is dry, 18 PM in the afternoon, after 4 hours and 11 minutes of bitter, finally accomplish the project of insulator replacement, the ground potential replacement of 220 kv electric tension insulator is ili power grid operation and a breakthrough, effectively reduce the outage maintenance times and time, for the safe and reliable operation of the grid provides a powerful support, declared that the company charged practices began to comprehensive and diversified development.
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