Improve the maintenance frequency, can extend the life of the insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

the life of the insulator in addition to the requirements of performance, often cleaning maintenance insulator, can make its longevity. For high energy surface, the surface of the porcelain insulator can be will form a continuous film of water, after water infiltration in the formation of a conductive path, thus can cause along the surface leakage current is larger, and with the improvement of power grid voltage, increase the leakage distance to improve sludge lightning pressure has been difficult to meet demand, therefore, only by artificial measures such as cleaning and coating.

with the aggravating filth, porcelain insulator pollution resistance drop, when medium impurity level, its corrupt lightning pressure is below the normal operating voltage, easily happened pollution flashover phenomenon, and because its surface is rough, sticky dirty force is bigger, its life is much less than the glass insulator.

glass insulator surface area of the pollutional load contrast porcelain insulator much smaller, and the dirt lightning pressure under different salinity also have varying degrees of increase, and a higher degree of self-cleaning glass insulator, sticky dirty attach force is small, easy to clean, is advantageous to the long-term maintenance of artificial, prolong the service life of the insulator.

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