In 10 kv electric insulation shield of homework should be how to work?

by:Mings     2020-06-23

in this article we analysis of insulation materials in 10 kv and below play a major role in electric power construction, for details, please see below:

the first we begin by analyzing the insulation.

is also called the dielectric insulation material, it is the opposite of conductive material, under the effect of constant voltage, in addition to an extremely small leakage current through, in fact it is not conductive. It will not only play a high potential for isolation effect, also plays a bear will be the effect of mechanical force. Can say, there is no excellent insulation material, can't live working. According to the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC - Tc78) According to the normal operation of electrical set each agreed to by the Max temperature ( The heat resistant grade) , divides into the insulating material Y, A, E, B, F, H and C seven levels. Its promise to working temperature 90, 10 s, l20 respectively, 130, 155, 180 and l80 ℃ above, on the basis of insulating materials used in live working classification are: insulation sheet, insulation pipe, film, insulation rope and other insulating oil, insulating paint, insulation adhesive and so on. The internal and exterior of the insulating material into more into less moisture, moisture will make the insulation performance of greatly deteriorated, insulating material after absorbing water insulation resistance drop, increase medium quality of energy dissipation, and a decrease in dielectric strength. Thus, between the use of insulation materials, relatively low water sex fun is good, is to have strong hydrophobic. Such as insulation material into water be affected with damp be affected with damp, it is necessary to do during compression and tensile test.

the second insulating cover

made of insulating materials, masking charged body into electrically neutral conductor component maintenance, namely the insulation shield.

1, the purpose of the insulation shield

in the existing 10 kv distribution line charged homework. Insulation cover is not or lack of it a insulation effect for different devices. In live working, can't afford to cover the main insulation insulation effect. For the insulation effect, only applies to workers in the charge.

accident time knock against, namely the brush touch, have the maintenance effect of insulation isolation. Rules: in Min can not satisfied with the charged body safety distance is high. It is necessary to adopt reliable insulation measures. Due to the smaller distribution power equipment complex, safe distance between the body and the charged body, install a layer of insulation shield or baffle. To fill the lack of air gap, because combination between shield and air insulation effect. Extending the discharge path, thus can progress discharge voltage value. This refers to the discharge voltage is able to progress, but progress insulation rolling is limited. So use this protective really should pay attention to: it is limited to 10 kv and below power equipment of charged homework; It can't afford to main insulation effect, only allow a short 'brush touch'. Primary human activities or constraints, insulation cover and human security maintenance equipment and cable accessories.

the insulation shield itself has its own maintenance area, it refers to the copying use condition. Applying must test voltage. Breakdown of flashover is not, nor the special appearance. For the insulation shield with a charged conductor is marginal zone, it is possible to occur along the edge area of the surface flashover, still can't touch, insulation shield maintenance area should have a new logo.

2, the classification of the insulation shield

1) On bare wire or insulated wire insulation cover the protective insulation shield bushing

2) To strain clamp, insulator or pull board hardware such as insulation protection

3) Pin insulator, including rod type insulation protection, etc.

4) Pile head for other transformer, circuit breaker, etc. Insulation power facilities protection.

5) For metering box, such as fuse fittings such as protection.

in the

charged homework can improve power supply reliability and stability, enhance quality services; But how to scientific development and utilization is wide of the power supply enterprise managers and employees need to seriously consider the problem. 10 kv distribution network overhead line is very essential to choose electrified homework, after charged operation, can progress power supply reliability; Overhead line charged in 10 kv distribution network operation, the demand note the characteristics of the electric operation, adopt appropriate safe operating mode, increase the intensity of training and learning. Set up and perfect the operation norm, can progress useful operation safety, avoid the attack of the accident, and then advances economic and social benefits.

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