In 2015 major power engineering security to enhance durability

by:Mings     2020-07-18
In 2015 a large engineering project acceptance rate of 100% < P> CLP news trainee reporter Zhao Bo reported recently, our country issued the State Council on printing quality development compendium ( In 2011 ~ 2020) Notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the outline) 。 Put forward the guidelines, to 2015, and other major construction projects of hydraulic and electric engineering, durability, security generally increased, large and medium-sized projects a acceptance qualified rate reached 100%; To 2020, forming a batch of advantage enterprises with international famous brand and core competence. < / P> < P> the outline from the product quality, engineering quality and service quality three aspects set specific development goals. < / P> < P> in terms of product quality, the outline, points out that by 2015, the ability of strategic emerging industry development, the development of strategic emerging industries as the pilot, pillar industries. In terms of engineering quality, the outline requirements, by 2015, and other major construction projects of hydraulic and electric engineering, durability, security, universal enhancement, the engineering quality common fault management has made significant results, large and medium-sized projects an acceptance qualified rate reached 100%, other engineering acceptance qualified rate of 98% or more at a time. < / P> < P> the outline put forward in the quality of development, speed up the strategic emerging industries, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and other fields of national standard system construction. < / P> < P> the outline clear, by 2020, China's million kilowatt nuclear power equipment, new energy power generation equipment of a batch of major equipment reliability reached the international advanced level; Implementation and improvement for clean production of fiscal and taxation policy; Establish energy measurement monitoring system, strengthen the supervision and administration of key energy consumption enterprise energy metering. < / P>
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