In 2018 China insulator industry market development situation

by:Mings     2020-07-04

according to buck information released by the China insulator market research and investment outlook report ( The 2018 version) According to: based on the global level of electric power industry development and investment planning, global insulator industry overall demand is expected to maintain steady growth. For users for substation and overhead transmission line insulation reliability and economy of continued ascension, industry manufacturers will continue to revolve around the user demand on research and development, constantly promote industry progress.

in recent years, with the continuous expansion of grid construction investment in China, the insulator industry has gradually formed a certain scale, there have been some representative enterprises. Since 2012, our country insulator arrester industry leading companies keep growth trend, by 2016, insulator arrester industry main production enterprise sales revenue for 152. 7. 9 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of up to 12. 09%.

insulator is mainly used in power grid, the construction of 'smart grid' will bring huge development opportunities for the insulator industry: continue to a large amount of investment will provide broad market space for industry; Upgrading of power grid construction will help the optimization and integration of the industry, form new competition pattern, guide with new technology, new material, new products company to obtain more market space, thus have more resources to support technological innovation, continuous upgrading industry progress. The development of power grid construction of large-scale investment for insulator industry provides a fundamental guarantee. In addition, the construction of electrified railway and the constant expansion of overseas markets also provides a new market opportunity for insulator industry.

warm reminder: this post network collected to release by the insulator manufacturer, reproduced please indicate.

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