In the application of ceramic insulator performance is introduced

by:Mings     2020-05-13
Ceramic insulator performance is introduced in the application of Mings electronics technology co. , LTD. Is a production and sales of insulator, composite insulator, pillar insulator, glass insulator, porcelain insulator, pin insulator, suspension insulator and other products of professional manufacturers, product quality assurance, cheap, welcome new and old customers call advisory order. Under normal conditions, the voltage distribution of insulator string as shown in figure 1, when you have one or several insulator after degradation, its voltage distribution curve distortion, deterioration of components on the share of voltage is smaller than normal, so as to transfer the voltage to other insulator, especially the voltage rise more adjacent element, and therefore should be zero ( Low insulation resistance) Insulator. Common use ZS - measurement tools 15 insulator spread voltage tester, the insulator testing equipment resistance compressive bar, capacitance pressure measurement, the two pole shall be according to the request to stop the experiment between the qualified, the maintenance of grounding should be strong enough to meet the operating personnel contact the upper portion of the operating lever, to ensure that the personal peace. Electric measuring insulation resistance and voltage distribution shall be of the normal operation of power grid and the good weather to stop. In figure 3 represents the resistance of compressive bar connection. The multielement composite insulator can undertake in the case of power cuts and charged; Insulator for unit parts can only be measured under power. Should be in good weather. Use 2500 v and above megger test. When porcelain crack in moisture, dust and dirt intrusion, insulation resistance will be decreased significantly.
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