Indirect replacement of double circuit line insulator - lever method How to change the insulator on the road, online high voltage insulator, composite insulator, hanging insulation

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Lever method indirect replacement of 35 ~ 110 kv double circuit line insulator with the rapid development of power grid, with double circuit or more towers overhead transmission lines increasing. In order to improve power supply reliability, reduce line losses, the need for live working on double circuit line. With double circuit lines because the wire is vertically, towers are smaller, the tower replacement of straight in double, insulator is difficult, for the bottom of the wire between the personnel safety distance is not assured, according to the conventional electric method replacing insulator string, poor homework personnel's safety and reliability. Therefore, according to the 35 ~ 110 kv straight road double tower structure characteristics, the trial is successful method to replace the safety lever chute insulator, this method is simple, safe and reliable operation, the safety level of charged is improved. 1 replacement straight road double tower insulator string methods and tools to use lever principle and the replacement of the slide rail mobile insulator string of indirect method. Replace the double straight road tool assembly condition according to the vertical load of the wire and the quality of the insulator string design light wire sliding lever lever and insulator. Wire lever with glass fiber reinforced plastic tube, 10 kn test load, to allow 4 kn load, the lever quality 10 kg, 20 kg, total quality insulator leverage with & phi; 50× 2500 insulation tube, the front fork installed an insulator. This tool is only applicable to cross arm of tower truss structure. Double circuit concrete pole steel structure of the cross arm, need to improve the lever of hook structure. The lever itself remains the same. 2 replace the insulator personnel organization and operation step 2. 1 replacement staff equipped with high voltage insulator work, 1 person, head of the tower 2 ~ 3 people, 2 people on the ground, a total of 5 ~ 6 person. 2. Steps 2 to replace insulator ( 1) Tower electrician to cross arm with no knot rope tower tower bolt the safety belt and without knotting; ( 2) On insulator testing rod, pull test insulator damage situation and string; ( 3) Draw the wire lever, fixed to the cross arm Angle. ( 4) Using the insulating rod mount insulation protection rope, and at the end of cross arm with good insulating rod fixed; ( 5) The slippery course of insulator in the cross arm lever; ( 6) Using lead lever will lead to lift, make the conductor on the load transfer from the insulator string to leverage; ( 7) Using the insulating rod and pull pin system, remove the insulator and the spring pin, and leverage with wire lever and insulator on both ends of the hardware is out of the composite insulator string up and down; ( 8) The insulator string with insulator lever slides into the tower for replacement. ( 9) On the contrary steps for recovery. Security considerations (3 replacement insulator 1) Organization division of labor and on-site monitoring job; ( 2) Leverage should be fixed and reliable, safety coefficient is greater than 2. 5; ( 3) Properly protect rope slack should be fixed, and fixed and reliable; ( 4) The tower electrician should keep a safe distance; ( 5) Other procedures in accordance with, and connecting with the field situation. 【 On a message: low voltage line guy: why do you want to install insulator 】 【 Next message: post insulator detection technology introduced, the application of the post insulator detection technology 】
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