Industrial electrical distribution industry outlook is still need to grasp the future development trend

by:Mings     2020-05-23
Since reform and opening-up, our country economy high speed development, the progress of infrastructure construction, stimulating the industrial electrical products demand rise considerably, industrial electrical distribution industry benefit, with the rapid growth. With the use of industrial electrical products and scope continues to expand, the demand is expected to maintain steady growth, industrial electrical distribution has much room to grow. After years of exploration and development, industrial electrical distribution in our country has formed in the low voltage power distribution and industrial automation control products as the main distribution products market pattern, and this pattern is expected to maintain a long time. The formation of the market pattern, the main reason there are three aspects. First, in our country for a long time to infrastructure investment, new investment in fixed assets expanded industrial electrical consumption demand, thus driving the development of industrial electrical distribution industry; Second, the railway electrification, the urban rail transit construction speed, etc. , to promote the growth of industrial electrical distribution industry; Third, uhv, new energy and smart grid development, and expand the market capacity of low voltage electric power transmission and distribution industry, in the cause of low voltage products quantity bedding face is wide, the future will continue to dominate. With electric power transmission and distribution industry rapid development, industry distribution industry or will present the new development trend. First of all, the future industrial electrical distribution industry to enter fully competitive stage, steady rise of market concentration. So, one is the large number of private enterprises, in the field of industrial electrical distribution second, foreign companies are actively expand the mainland market. Under the action of two factors, industrial electrical distribution industry competition in the market, and at the same time change the market landscape. For low voltage electrical products manufacturer in, although there are many downstream distributors, but facing the survival pressure. Second, industrial electrical distribution industry will enter a steady development period, distribution automation rate slow ascent. Compared with the developed countries abroad, the level of distribution network investment ratio is relatively low in our country, the future remains to be further enhance the demand for power distribution equipment, for the electrical distribution industry is a big positive. Finally, industrial electrical distribution industry into the adjustment period, the proportion of industrial control products relatively increased. According to forward-looking industry institute estimates that between 2014 and 2017, a 7% average annual growth rate or low voltage inverter market in our country. In addition, the network interconnection increasing penetration in the field of industrial manufacturing, industrial automation technology is innovation. Under this background, the industry electrical distribution proportion of industrial control products will be promoted. In general, industrial electrical distribution industry's outlook is still can, but need to grasp the future development trend.
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