Installing microcomputer harmonic elimination device can eliminate ferroresonance?

by:Mings     2020-05-23
Installing microcomputer harmonic elimination device can eliminate ferroresonance? The answer is yes, computer harmonic elimination device and microcomputer power resonance eliminator, as the name implies, is a kind of device for diagnosis and eliminate ferroresonance. Its equivalent excitation inductance decreases, so three relatively load become unbalanced, neutral displacement voltage occurs, the result is likely to make a relatively higher voltage, the other two phase is lower. Ferromagnetic resonance is a core inductance components, such as generator, transformer, voltage transformer, reactor, the capacitance element of arc suppression coil and so on system, such as transmission lines, such as capacitor compensator form total harmonic condition, stimulate continuous ferromagnetic resonance, make the system produce resonance overvoltage. Resonant overvoltage in power system, harm is big, easy to cause electric power accident, and the main function of computer harmonic elimination device is to diagnose and eliminate resonant overvoltage. Microcomputer harmonic elimination device is frequent by ferromagnetic resonance voltage transformer burned even malignant accident of the explosion, the development and production of a device intelligent harmonic elimination. This device can real-time monitor and displays a PT open delta in 17 hz, 25 hz, 50 hz, 150 hz frequency voltage components, and in the event of a failure to quickly start, can also overvoltage, ferromagnetic resonance and single-phase grounding
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