Insulation column specification table

by:Mings     2020-07-13

insulation column specification table

sequence type height diameter thread specification material note

1 jyz 20011616. 5 m4bmc

2 jyz 20021616。 5 m4bmc embedded with 7 mm screw

3 jyz 20032020 m5 or M6BMC

4 jyz 20042525 m5 or M6BMC

5 jyz 20052532 M6BMC

6 jyz 20062530 M6BMC

7 jyz 20072528 M6BMC

8 jyz 20083228 M8BMC bring double embedded screw

9 jyz 20092019 m5 or M6BMC

10 jyz 20102020 m5 or M6BMC

11 jyz M6BMC can bring 20112520 9 mm embedded screw

12 jyz 20122014 m6

13 jyz 20132514 m6


15 jyz 30013020 m6 or embedded M8BMC bring 9 mm screw

16 jyz - 3001 13020M6或M8BMC

17JYZ 30023030M6或M8BMC

18JYZ 30033030M6或M8BMC

19JYZ 30043028M6BMC

20JYZ 30053032M8BMC

21JYZ 30063030M6BMC

22JYZ 30073030M6或M8BMC

23JYZ 30083030M6BMC自带双预埋螺杆

24JYZ 30093228M6或M8BMC

25JYZ 30103323M6BMC

26JYZ 30113532M6或M8BMC

27JYZ 30123520M6或M8BMC

28JYZ 30133320M6或M8BMC自带9mm预埋螺杆

29JYZ 30143014M6BMC


31JYZ 40014030M6或M8BMC

32JYZ 400240/5020M6BMC

33JYZ 40033835M6或M8BMC

34JYZ 40044040M8或M10BMC

35JYZ 40054040M10BMC

36JYZ 40064040M8或M10BMC

37JYZ 40074040M10BMC

38JYZ 40084060M12BMC

39JYZ 40094040M10BMC

40JYZ 40104545M8BMC

41JYZ 401140/5028M6或M8BMC

42JYZ 40124040M8BMC

43JYZ 40134020M6或M8BMC

44JYZ 40144533M10BMC黄铜+18mm内螺丝深度

45JYZ 40154520M6或M8BMC

46JYZ 40164014M6BMC


48JYZ 50015030M8BMC自带13MM预埋螺杆

49JYZ 50025030M8BMC

50JYZ 50035033M16BMC

51JYZ 50045050M8或M10BMC

52JYZ 50055040M10BMC

53JYZ 50065050M8或M10BMC

54JYZ 50075136M8或M10BMC

55JYZ 50085256M10BMC

56JYZ 50095160M8或M10或M12BMC

57JYZ 50105548M8BMC

58JYZ 50115020M6或M8BMC

59JYZ 50125520M6或M8BMC


61JYZ 60016058M10BMC

62JYZ 600260/7030M8BMC

63JYZ 60036060M12BMC

64JYZ 60047649M10BMC

65JYZ 60057050M10或M12BMC

66JYZ 60069550M12BMC

67JYZ 600711550M12BMC

68JYZ 600813065M10或M12BMC耐压20000V以上

69JYZ 600914065M10或M12BMC

70JYZ 60106050M10或M12BMC

71JYZ 601110080M10或M12BMC


73JYZ 80018020M6或M8BMC


1. Outer diameter 20 mm H series products: 20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60, do 90 mm

2. According to the customer need all models can be added with screw

3. Beijing heng electrical appliances can be custom-made insulation column according to the requirement of the clients, affordable, welcome to telephone counseling, above all for insulation column specifications.

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