Insulation heat shrinkable casing caused by improper use of troubleshooting

by:Mings     2020-07-15

insulation heat shrinkable casing and heat shrinkable protection sleeve, it for wire, cable and wire terminals provide insulation protection, have heat shrinkage, soft, flame retardant, anticorrosive insulation, etc. , widely used in all kinds of wire, solder joints, the inductance of the insulating protection and metal pipe, rust, corrosion, etc.

at the time of the wire connection protection needs to use to the heat shrinkable sleeve, but the existing heat shrinkable casing when using the card tight enough, it's easy to have a falls off phenomenon, use inconvenience to users, a threat to the safety of the user, thus reducing the practicability of the existing heat shrinkable casing. In fact this is insulation heat shrinkable casing caused by improper use of the fault, let's follow science and technology and technical personnel to know about the:

fault phenomenon and processing

a factory 6 kv bus bar in outdoor running overheating phenomenon, there is a phase in the temperature of 80 ℃ is measured with infrared thermometer, fever for two bus line of lap joint, to detect the temperature of the two phase only 30 ℃. Bus line position with color indicator of insulation heat shrinkable sleeve.

power after the inspection, found that two pieces of bus line by a joint 5 mm long insulation heat shrinkable casing is pressed under the lap joint. In this way, will not be able to make two pieces of bus interface contact is good, the rain will seep into the contact area at the same time. Because the contact resistance increases, resulting in the operation of the junction temperature.

to be removed after the bus, found that the contact surface ablation and out of the pit. Cut to extra insulation heat shrinkable sleeve, contact with a flat file again after grinding smooth, coated with conductive paste ( Electricity compound) 。 Connection after fastening, put into operation, didn't find overheating. Worked in a steel plant newly installed 6 kv power distribution cabinet in the acceptance inspection, insulation heat shrinkable casing pressure in contact area have also been discovered the following problems, the construction units to deal with immediately, eliminate the hidden danger of the accident.


insulation heat shrinkable casing due to their high dielectric strength, easy construction, simple process, has been widely used in cable, on the bus. If improper installation, may cause joint cable, bus the fever, serious when arc starting and arc short circuit caused by accident, should attach great importance to, eliminate accident hidden danger, ensure safety in production.

for insulation heat shrinkable casing caused by improper use of fault handling here, welcome everyone to discuss and supplement!

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