Insulation porcelain main effect

by:Mings     2020-07-11

insulator in overhead transmission lines in the two basic functions:

1, support the wires.

2, to prevent the current back to the ground.

porcelain (mounted on the pole Or insulation porcelain) Wire and fixed on the porcelain, not directly tied to the pole. Porcelain under the surface of the concave upward, wouldn't get wet by rain, this part of the dry surface stop down the conduction current, to prevent the leakage. - this is the main insulation equipment - - - - - - Insulator, generally believe that post in the power system is grounded ( High pressure tower are metal) , insulator are mostly hydrophobic, namely water droplets can't on the attachment, in this way, the rain actually good insulator on the adhesion of dust cleaning, reinforced insulation.

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