Insulation puncture clamp can be reused?

by:Mings     2020-06-23

in general, insulation puncture clamp ( 绝缘穿刺连接器) Mainly by the insulation shell, puncture of the blade, waterproof rubber gasket, bolt torque. But people's ability to conductive insulation puncture clamp or suspicious, scruples, think so a few small thorn, able to bear such a big current? Especially in today's rapid economic development in our country s, the rapid increase of capacity of electricity utilization, insulation puncture clamp can bear such a burden?

to illustrate the problem, we try to from three aspects to illustrate.

a, the composition and working principle of piercing clamp

puncture clamp is mainly composed of shell, impale - The blade, waterproofing of aprons and bolt.

1, when doing cable branch, first remove the cable outer sheath ( Don't need to strip the insulation) ;

2, impale - Blade to puncture cable insulation and metal conductor, when the degree of sealing pads and impale - Blade in contact with the metal conductor achieve fairly good effect, the torque nut will fall off, at this point, the main line and branch through, and waterproof properties and electrical effect is better.

3, insert the branch cable clamp regional cap and fixed on the main line branch location, with a socket wrench nut screw clamp torque. In the process of screw nut tightening torque, clamp and two pieces of hidden with a high conductive metal piercing - Curved blade fuses the insulators and sealing pads gradually close to the cable insulation layer;

2, piercing the area of mechanical contact area of the conductor wire clip size

if the puncture clamp conductor mechanical touching surface area is larger, the better the conductivity of the? On the contrary, the smaller the contact surface conductivity is nearly? It's not. Puncture clamp the thorns of contact with the metal wire is crossed, and thorns are distributed in at the end of the contact blade surface, Pierce point on the line at least 12 or more, as many as 32 points, so that to ensure the contact blade and metal wire have enough contact area. When tightening torque nut with constant puncture pressure makes contact with the blade piercing into the appropriate position, torque device will automatically disconnect from, namely to ensure the contact blade has good electrical connection with wire, and ensures that no wound wire. Device such as torque, the broken constantly or premature loss is not successful. Made of aluminum alloy material torque device, it has to do with metal nut tightly pressed together, strong, will not fall off and cause the failure of installation as a whole. And the insulation puncture clamp wire pierced, shall guarantee that the tensile force is not less than 95% of the destruction of the original wire tensile force, wire can't puncture and loss of mechanical properties. According to the literature analysis, the real mechanical contact area of about 7% of the nominal contact area.

three conductor, insulation puncture clamp current conduction method between different

1, activity 3 oxidation 2 aluminium ( 氧化铝) Itself has the conductive ability, make the unbroken area also have must be conductive to.

2, under the effects of outer pressure, two aluminum - aluminum screen activity 3 oxidation 2 aluminium conductor ( 氧化铝) Layer by kneading and make its partial rupture or conflict, make aluminum electronic between appearance peak - peak at home, must be conductive ability. The greater the pressure, the more you will touch the peak - peak point of, touch the less resistance.

3, as a result of the aluminum plastic is better, after the compression of two interface touch, aluminum wire clip wall in the local plastic deformation will occur, into the wire stranding of outer space, make useful touch area increases, the each other between molecules to soak more lively, with chinalco atomic number increase, further oxidation layer be conductive function of the electrical interface improvements.

4, insulation puncture clamp three advantages

1, the use of safe, joint distortion and shock resistance, waterproof, flame retardant, electrochemical corrosion aging, dispensing with maintenance. Has been successfully used for more than 30 years.

2, installation is simple: without stripping the insulation of the cable skin can do cable branch, joint insulated completely. Don't need to cut the main cable, cable branch at any position. Installation is simple and reliable, and only with a socket wrench, can install a charged.

3, cost savings, small installation space, save bridge and construction cost. Application of architecture, and don't need a terminal box, connection box, do not need to return cable, save cable investment. Cable + puncture clamp cost is lower than other power supply system, is only about 40% of the splice busbar, is about 60% of the prefabricated branch cable.

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