Insulator becomes red white substation wear 'the haze dress'

by:Mings     2020-06-23

winter fog frequent, people go out all wear the masks, and being outdoors all day long transmission lines, equipment, like people, also need the haze. A few days ago, reporters follow its power supply company of jinan substation maintenance team maintenance room to antifouling flash overhaul scene, see how maintenance workers for outdoor substation equipment wear 'haze'.

9 a. m. on November 11, a reporter on service unit to is located in jinan city east Han Cang substation. To participate in the maintenance of power supply company is jinan substation maintenance department of Gu Chuanbin and his colleagues, it is nearly a month to Gu Chuanbin led the maintenance 3 substations. 'Autumn and winter fog, the air will adhere to the surface of the insulator, and is easy to cause substation blackout accident. 'Gu Chuanbin introduces to the reporter. This trip is to Han Cang station to replace the original porcelain suspension insulator, installed on the haze of composite insulator is better, and to all a equipment within the station post insulator material spraying the haze.

9 PM, the reporter a line of people came to the Han Cang substation. This is a has been running station 32 years old. Gu Chuanbin command driver to the work high above the car to the 110 kv equipment location, dressed in full uniform, wearing insulated gloves jump players anthonyliu Feng Yuanqiang and upper arm, slowly rose to an altitude of 20 metres, replace the insulator.

1 an insulator. 5 meters, weighing about 8 kg, on only two workers remove with a wrench. 'Try harder! 'Looked at the colleagues in the arm bucket with torque wrench, Gu Chuanbin toward them Shouting. 'Twist, want to use gas cutting. 'Anthonyliu from the arms, said to him in the bucket. The original due to the usage, fixed screw rusted insulator, can't use a wrench unscrew. Then ground crew pass gas cutting handle with rope anthonyliu. Two minutes later, the old insulator was successfully removed.

'don't see the insulator black, in fact it is porcelain, connect body cream. 'Just insulator discharge on the ground, says the Gu Chuanbin as, wipe off with your fingers, immediately insulator surface show the marks of a black and white. This location is jinan industrial enterprise zones, pollution is relatively serious, the new change of insulator is less than two months will be black. Of these tiny particles contains a lot of heavy metals, are attached to the insulator they make originally not electric high voltage wire, lead to substation tripping, which planted a blackout accident hidden trouble. The new change of insulator will effectively improve the status quo. Gu Chuanbin says, composite insulator with silicone rubber as raw materials, color is red, and the weight is only about half of the original insulator. More important is its strength, dirt resistant performance is good, the frequency of cleaning can be reduced from the original 3 months a cleaning to clean one year, to effectively reduce pollution flashover accidents. New insulator is also very convenient to install, the ground crew to bind the new insulator, anthonyliu one can easily pull it up, and installed in less than 10 minutes.

in the southeast of substation, several air 'reds' attracted the attention of journalists. Approached the discovered, which is hand sprayer to the operator of the spraying insulator. I saw they were attached to two pillar insulator, about 2 meters away from the ground, hard hats, still the wu wear thick mask on his face. In a seat belt, under the support of the body back, carrying a paint sprayer originally the insulator of milky white painted red. 'The red coating is a kind of a new type of silicone rubber composite coating can prevent the impurity particles adhesion, can make the grid antifouling flash tripping ability is raised to the highest level, to ensure that the grid when suffered heavy fog weather keep in a safe manner. 'Said Gu Chuanbin is introduced.

antifouling coating flashover dope is a real work. Since there is only one seat belts are connected to the backbone, the staff's feet must be stomping on live at the foot of the space equipment to maintain body balance, arms and neck must also keep in position. Spraying was dyed red all over them for a long time, standing on the ground can't tell who is who. In a short while, on the north side pillar 'reds' slowly down, reporter was able to see his face - — Jinan power company substation maintenance room staff liu xin. Just born, liu new rushed off mask. Despite the early winter of jinan is the wind, he was sweating, forehead and ears have been dyed red coating. Liu xin tells a reporter, this is what he has achieved today 11 pillars, in the next few days he will spray 60 pillars and colleagues to complete the site work.

'we are the most looking forward to the blue sky white clouds did not haze. 'Liu Xinxiao said. Serious haze over the years, their workload increases a lot. This year, jinan will have more than 200 outdoor substation for antifouling flash governance, change the insulator to exceed 1000, spray antifouling flash materials more than 120 barrels. 'Hope we can as soon as possible to improve the air quality, to leave haze, and we also can light! 'Liu took a new hope.

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