Insulator blowout of the sound has a new recruit

by:Mings     2020-07-05
In order to improve the transmission line safety, health, September 23, jilin electric power supply company sending work area will 220 kv hot jade b line insulator replacement for the latest model of the sound proof composite insulator. < P> the replacement of insulator used the brand-new design concept, not only combines equalizing ring and composite insulator installation is more reasonable, at the same time equalizing ring is in a certain extent, played the role of the sound, the sound can be greatly reduced the harm to line. < / P> < P> jilin electric power supply company sending work area all the cadres and staff together, overcome the personnel less, as well as large amount of work is difficult, in order to better complete the work, work area leadership attaches great importance to. Before operation, from the personnel division of labor, instruments, materials and other preparation has carried on the detailed arrangement deployment, and technical clarificaiton meeting, organize workers learn safety organization action plan. < / P> < P> during the operation, project team members and management personnel to job site for supervision and guidance. In order to complete replacement task, sending work area employees unity cooperation, not a bitter shout tired, this is either a person, does not fear endures hardship, courageous warrior ordinary sending workers. < / P> < P> this homework last 3 hours, replace the insulator for a total of 20 base tower, 150. The success of the insulator change not only improve the health level of the line, and for further boost circuit the safe and stable operation of open a new chapter. < / P>
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