Insulator explosive is advantages or disadvantages

by:Mings     2020-07-12

glass insulator is not widely used because of its explosive sex, but its explosive sex is also a characteristic of an advantage.

why said explosive sex is an advantage because of explosive has the ability of self out, no need for insulation test ( Measuring zero) , which greatly reduce the maintenance workload, but also conducive to timely find and replace zero insulator. Has zero insulator insulator string, when flashing or lightning flashover, short circuit current in zero insulator iron cap and steel foot outside through ( Because of explosive after insulator iron cap and steel foot space distance between short) Inside, not through the iron cap, it will greatly reduce the probability of broken string. For a long period of time, of course, may burn out the steel foot short-circuit current, but the probability is rarely after all.

zero after the detonation of residual vertical often make people have a sense of insecurity. But a lot of tests show that the zero value after the detonation of insulator its mechanical strength still can reach more than 80% of its rating, there is no danger.

since the explosion of toughened glass insulator, tend to occur at the beginning of the construction and operation, with the extension of time, the explosive rate gradually decreases and tends to be stable. This feature is the opposite of porcelain insulator. From the lines running safety into consideration, this is an advantage of toughened glass insulator.

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