Insulator flash of antifouling method Adjust equipment creepage distance, besmear brushs RTV coating, equipment cleaning, add creepage distance increases skirt

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Insulator creepage antifouling flash method of adjusting equipment than creepage distance adjustment equipment than from ( Tuning up for short) The fundamental measures is to prevent the pollution flashover accident. Especially the transmission line in recent years a large number of replacement of composite insulator, effectively prevent the pollution flashover accident, significantly reduced the rate of pollution flashover trip. Porcelain insulator's service life is long, up to 30 ~ 50 years. Equipment insulation level of a change in position, to ensure long-term use. But the wide use of the measures, limited for the following reasons: one is the climb cost is hard to bear, to ensure the distance between the porcelain umbrella skirt, prevent the rain and snow flashover, big climb high from the structure of the porcelain must be increased accordingly, equipment within the original coil wire length is not enough. Adjustable climbing must overall replacement equipment, therefore, need a lot of money. Antifouling flash work based entirely on the climb, hard to bear the expenses incurred. Replace the equipment idle useless, and caused great waste. Second, change the structure of high equipment could make the line wire and substation equipment outside the original wire is too long, sag, and white or decrease of distance. And equipment replacement site construction process is very difficult, not for processing and will bring hidden trouble to the safe operation. Based on the above two main reasons, limit the power transmission and transformation equipment, especially the wide application of substation equipment climb the steps. Besmear brushs RTV coatings RTV coating with waterproof membrane cover, blocking water film is formed, which can effectively reduce the intensity of discharge, reduce the equipment breakdown accidents. But, as time goes by, RTV protection layer due to the sun, 2 ~ 3 years began to surface oxidation, surface filth, effect the beauty of the equipment. Must be replaced, due to coating. After coating aging change will encounter more problems, and the coating is quite expensive. Therefore said the antifouling paint coating is to prevent a high voltage insulator pollution flashover remedy emergency measures, not long-term. Cleaning of equipment at present the main way to solve the high voltage equipment of flashing, is the organization every year a large number of manpower for cleaning equipment. Domestic power grid equipment cleaning, mostly USES the power clean and every stop will sweep measures. Not only clean incomplete, but the manpower cost, affects the safety, economy, more and more. Add creepage distance skirt with silicone rubber increase distance skirt, is to address the running device, by changing the hard to adjust to climb from a technical measures. Impurity region than power transmission and transformation equipment creepage distance can't meet the requirements, the equipment on the surface of the porcelain with silicone rubber creepage distance increase skirt, is effectively prevent pollution flashover of remedial measures, and can effectively improve the antifouling flash ability of electrical equipment. Silicone rubber creepage distance increase skirt is bigger than electrical equipment insulation outside umbrella skirt around 100 mm, it can be used to increase the creepage distance of insulator to improve the polluted insulator and the conditions of be affected with damp be affected with damp, change the insulator discharge path, short circuit to cut off the water bridge, etc. 【 On a message: composite insulator in the event of a failure of solution and prevention methods and storage 】 【 Under a message: the types of insulator, transmission line requirement for insulator 】
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