Insulator in the installation should pay attention to

by:Mings     2020-07-08

on the tower when transporting tools and materials, people must use ropes and toolbox to handle. Should prevent the tools and materials fall and hurt. Do not allow pedestrians to stay under the tower.

when put down or bring insulator, the personnel working on the pole should be in close coordination with the ground staff, avoid damage the insulator.

in the electric power line adjacent operations, may be close to a charged conductor to dangerous distance, all measures must be taken to prevent contact with live conductor or within close distance to dangerous electric shock.

the insulator release or remove the insulator before W pin should adopt measures to prevent falling. Carefully check the tensioner and levelers and stress on the joint is safe and reliable. Insulator can be removed after there is no problem. When line tighten or loosen the fastening and ascension, construction should be slow, wire should not be pulled wires, spacing before and after cross distance should be paid attention to. When the distance across the line can not meet the requirements of the safety regulations, should immediately stop the construction.

after insulator manufacturer to remind you to install the new insulators, before remove the removable parts, carefully check the fitting the connection part of the bolt and pin.

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