Insulator leakage current detection technology

by:Mings     2020-07-10

this paper introduces a kind of using computer sound card collection of hv insulator's leakage current economic effective new technology, and through the wavelet analysis technique for the received signal denoising. Compared with the traditional signal analysis methods, the wavelet analysis technology not only can accurately extract to test the leakage current signal from the noise, at the same time can true emersion degradation characteristics of leakage current signal, which is of great significance on the early fault diagnosis of equipment. Improve the measurement accuracy, enhanced the accuracy of the equipment fault diagnosis.

the filth of the high voltage transmission line insulator string flashover is one of the important factors affecting the operation of power grids, with the development of electric power system and all kinds of pollution, contamination flashover in growing, it is a serious impediment to the safe, stable and economic operation of power system. Is closely related to the degree of insulator filth is its the size of the leakage current, so the high voltage insulator leakage current testing has practical significance.

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