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by:Mings     2020-07-05
< P> huafeng insulator company, electrical insulator, huarui insulator, huayang insulator, east insulator, insulator company in nanjing, xi 'an insulator, gome insulator company, tel: 0317 - 3189999; 13731721088; 13731727088 < / P> < P =“文本-风格 缩进:24分; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 0 '> hejian far east insulator factory is a professional production and operation of electrical insulator, northern China is one of the most professional electric porcelain electrical appliance manufacturers, factory in 1983, has 20 years of development history. Factory covers an area of 3. An area of 80000 square meters, staff 200 people, fixed assets of seventy-five million yuan. < / P> < P =“文本-风格 缩进:24分; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 0 '> hejian far east insulator factory is a comprehensive electric porcelain electrical appliance manufacturers, the product direct supply electric power department and foreign users, the main products include: ceramic insulator, composite insulator, glass insulator, drop type fuse, zinc oxide lightning arrester, isolating switch, high and low voltage suspension insulator. < / P> < P =“文本-风格 缩进:24分; 美索- char- 缩进- 数:2。 More than 0 '> all adopt national standard products, all kinds of foreign standards and IEC international standard production, advanced technology, complete test means. Give top priority to 'quality first, customer first', customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and visit our factory, we are willing to establish long-term extensive cooperation with you, and do our best to make you satisfied. < / P>
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