Insulator product degradation factors, rounding

by:Mings     2020-04-17
Composite post insulator is mainly composed of clay, feldspar, quartz and other original aluminum silicate mix preparation, processing into a certain shape, under the high temperature burn into inorganic insulation material, covered with a layer of glass insulator surface smooth thin layer of glaze. Composite post insulator degradation is influenced by many factors, both with the manufacturer's selection of material, formula, process flow, and operation environment, and also in the operation of the electric load resistance even under the effect of external force. If composite post insulator improper formula in the process of production, technological process of raw materials mixing unevenly, roasting and inadequate firepower, hygroscopicity porosity have a support insulator formation. And structure is not reasonable, or forming error, unequal stress, also can make the inner stresses in composite post insulator, composite post insulator caused crack, air gap, and degradation. Composite post insulator is generally through the powder raw material molding, sintering. Through the process of composite post insulator, is made up of many microcrystal gathered polycrystal, it is inevitable there is a grain boundary. Grain boundary in the composite post insulator not only plays an important role in the process of sintering, but also has a great influence on the sinter chemical and physical properties. Production of composite post insulator, general with cement as binder. Cement itself after absorbing water and CO2, the volume will be bigger, cement after absorbing water, also can be repeated freezing and thawing, prompting composite post insulator degradation. Dry, condensation and cement, not only can form hygroscopicity porosity, and will produce a lot of cracks. Ceramics, cement, hardware is closely bonded together, form a composite post insulator. The linear expansion coefficient of three kinds of materials and thermal conductivity are different. When the environment temperature change occurs, composite post insulator will face a big test.
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