Insulator will become popular in the power grid construction investment

by:Mings     2020-07-06
Premier wen jiabao chaired a state council executive meeting on November 5, decided to implement a new round of rural power grid upgrading project. Conference, to strengthen financial support, the Midwest rural power grid upgrading project capital is mainly composed of the central arrangements. Continue to execute 2 cents per kilowatt hours of electricity charge policy, specially used for rural power grid construction and retrofit upgrade project loan servicing. < P> comments: implementing retrofit will bring the good news for electric power equipment industry. In July last year at the national conference on upgrading the rural electric reform, national energy bureau zhang guobao has revealed that a three-year upgrade expected investment scale of a new site to not less than 200 billion yuan. < / P> < P> the current domestic power grid investment are showing the characteristics of 'two big, middle small', which is below 110 kv uhv investment and investment of rural power grids and the urban distribution network two 'head'. Main ( 220 kv - 750kv) After recent years of large-scale construction, investment will be slow, will the uhv power grid investment ( 800 kv and 1000 kv ac dc) Distribution network and 110 kv and below. < / P> < P> and the reconstruction project of a new site to start, will greatly boost the 110 kv power distribution equipment in the field of investment, rural electric equipment including transformer, switch, ring network cabinets, circuit breakers, insulators, etc. , will be the bright spot in the future power grid investment. < / P>
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