Introduction - post insulator detection technology The application of the post insulator inspection technology, high voltage insulator, composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Post insulator detection technology introduction of post insulator are mostly in the flange broken, analysis the reason is because of the post insulator is in the high temperature burn as porcelain, improper formula, in the process of manufacturing process of raw materials mixing unevenly, poor control of temperature in the process of burning internal defects, the inherent deformation properties and low toughness and long run under the mechanical load and wind and rain erosion, so that at the end of the skirt and flange junction additional stress increases, porcelain body or small area near surface defects, combined with the operation stress influence, may cause damage, the part of the actual need to detect is the skirt at the end of the post insulator and flange junction, our factory several post insulator broken, mostly in the flange in the intersection of 3 mm to porcelain body area of the mouth. Ultrasonic testing technology is the use of ultra-high speed sampling echo, make inspection on the spot under the strong light is visible, according to the post insulator and porcelain bushing inside and outside wall inspection requirements set in different frequency wave detection channel platform. By post insulator testing detects the overall situation of post insulator, due to long-term load running about the existence of post insulator, cumulative fatigue damage, the intensity is reduced, especially for the roots can be tested by different probe focused, can effectively find the internal crack, structure aging conditions, clear equipment number, inspection of post insulator is particularly important. Found the problem in a timely manner to replace treatment, is of great significance to the safe operation. Ultrasonic testing using parallel crawl wave probe combined with shear wave scan function, can effectively guarantee the probe in the tiny displacement can be effective when the scan to internal defects and micro crack defects, application of the technology in the post insulator parts inspection, is a rapid and effective test method. The application of the post insulator inspection technology (1) Select probe: select the principle of probe is according to the od of the ground post insulator, probe the radian of contact surfaces should be slightly bigger than the outer diameter of porcelain. 2) Test method: * choose pipe incident point first, will probe into block 1, mobile probe to find arc * strong reflected wave, the probe and test block scale corresponding to probe the incident point; Probe Angle of refraction, is to probe into block 2, find out * strong reflection wave calculation of the corresponding incident wave scanning speed and climbing speed adjustment, basic in 80% of the wave height; 3) The determination of detection sensitivity: post insulator crawl wave detection routine cases, is the place the probe in the block, locate the probe at the forefront of 20 mm simulation crack depth of 2 mm * strong reflection to 80% wave height, wave attenuation 10 db, will probe into pillar pillar insulator detecting surface flaw detection. For testing site has the waterproof glue post insulator, you need to 5 db attenuation when 80% wave height. 4) Defect location: the crawl wave check the outer wall defect, basic no display of pulse noise, defect signal is easy to recognize, instructs the length measurement. Scan with two in two cases: * is a situation in which the outer wall defect signal when simulating crack reflection wave height less than 1 mm, at this time should determine the length, when indicating when the judgment for the crack length is more than 10 mm, less than 10 mm when judged to be close to the surface damage. Post insulators in the second case is when the defect depth of the reflection wave simulation crack reflection wave is greater than 1 mm high, when indicating judgment for the crack length is greater than 5 mm. Crawl wave inspection process to determine the outer wall defect crack, longitudinal wave oblique incidence probe can be used when necessary for validation. Conclusion although not find local defect inspection work, post insulator for a field use of our experience, by using different corrugated block a large amount of simulation test and comparison mastered the breaker in the post insulator testing testing technology. Summarized in order to use 2. 5 MHZ as the main body of the micro parallel crawl wave breaker probe test the post insulator defect, and according to the diameter of the post insulator radian reasonable choice application consistent with the specimens of the module, the reliable test waveform area, solve the effective detection of breaker factory inspection post insulator; Mastered the probe parameters determination, the scanning speed adjustment and the velocity of porcelain and steel transformation fixed position error and the establishment of sensitivity, effective judgement of defects have a definite basis. Ultrasonic testing technology is a new technology, how to use the need to accumulate experience, strengthen the technical training of staff, set up a test account and related management system, determine reasonable testing cycle, build a long-standing mechanism to porcelain inspection, further understand the breaker status of post insulator, accomplish know fairly well, to my factory provides a reliable guarantee of the safe and stable operation. 【 On a message: the lever method indirect replacement double circuit line insulator, how online way to replace insulator 】 【 The next message: the causes of HTV silicone rubber composite insulator flashover occurred.
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