Introduction: Transformer is a tailor made product

by:Mings     2020-05-25
India is a developing country. The progress and developments in the infrastructure sector and industrial sector has boosted up the demand of such transformers. At the same time these demands are increasing at a very fast rate. This situation has given rise to a competitive market for transformer manufacturers in India. Increasing demands of such transformers have also affected the price of raw material such as copper and CRGO steel. Technologically speaking, transformer is a matured product. Still there are many developments going on in the field of optimization of power transformer design and manufacturing techniques. This has advanced the control techniques used for transformers. Parallel to this advancement, the manufacturing of transformer accessories has developed to a great extent. Transformers Manufacturers in India have always produced quality machines for their clients. Many of the big players in the market supply transformers to Indian as well as international firms. Quality is maintained as per international standards. Safety rules and regulations are rigidly followed to avoid any industrial accidents and misfortunes. Procedure followed: A special team is assigned to design a transformer as per the requirements of the client. There are transformer designers who perform this task. They are well qualified and experienced. All calculations required are done through specialized softwares to achieve 100% accuracy. This design is revised time and again to re-check for errors. The actual building of the transformer is then taken over by the respective team. Testing of the transformer occupies great amount of time. This is to ensure that at every step there is no voltage difference. Past transformers if built on the same lines are referred. This is to double the chances of accuracy and perfection. The transformer manufacturers are also into the manufacturing of voltage stabilizers. Voltage Stabilizers India is much needed. This is because there is a high fluctuation in AC supply. Every electronic product is either affected by low voltage supply or high voltage supply. The main use of such stabilizer is that it prevents the electronic equipment from being damage. At the same time it helps to save energy. Voltage stabilizers are required for transformers as well. It helps to maintain a constant voltage level. It also helps the receiver side to obtain steady voltage that is independent of the power supply. End Note: Transformer manufactures carry great responsibility on them. Great investment is required for the same and thus mistakes are unaffordable and inexcusable.
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