Isolating switch contact overheat reasons for analysis

by:Mings     2020-04-13
Contact overheating, blades and dark color, conductor joint contact part color paint discoloration or heat-sensitive discoloration, softening, displacement, light or melt; Outdoor isolating switch contact overheating, a joint was observed in the rain and snow weather steam or falling snow melting phenomenon immediately. If contact serious overheating, edge may burn red, even welding phenomenon. Isolating switch operation contact overheating may be caused by the following reasons: ( 1) Switching does not reach the designated position, make the current through the cross section of greatly narrowed, thus increase in contact resistance, also produce a lot of repulsive force, reduce the pressure of the spring, compression spring or screw loose, more make contact resistance increases and overheating. ( 2) Due to the loose contact fasteners, blade knife mouth spring rust or overheating, reduce spring pressure; Malposition or improper operation is strongly, make contact. These all make the contact pressure is reduced, contact contact resistance increases and overheating. ( 3) Blade is notstrictly, make contact surface oxidation and dirt; Close contact is in the process of arc burns, all moving parts wear or deformation, etc, all can make contact poor contact, contact resistance increases and overheating. ( 4) Isolating switch overload, the contactor from overheat. Bus, isolation switch contact hot processing method is as follows: ( 1) Using infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the hot spots, to judge the degree of fever. ( 2) If bus is overheating, according to the degree and position of the overheating, allocate load, reduce the hot spot in current, report the scheduling to help allocate load when necessary. ( 3) If the isolating switch by bad contact of contactor and overheating, available corresponding voltage grade insulating rod drive contactor, make contact contact is good, but not too hard and enlarge accidents so as to avoid slippage. ( 4) If the overheating caused by excess load isolation switch. Should report schedule, will be moved down load rating and lower running. ( 5) In double busbar connection, if a bus isolating switch overheat, rearrangement of the circuit to another bus bar can be run on, then, start overheating of isolating switch. For bus power failure isolation switch to overhaul the overheating. ( 6) In single busbar connection, if bus isolating switch overheat, only to reduce the load operation, and strengthen the monitoring, can also be equipped with temporary ventilation, cooling. ’( 7) In connection with the bypass bus, the bus isolating switch or circuit isolating switch overheat, can pour to bypass operation, make the overheating of the isolator exit or power failure repair. Without by-pass connection line disconnecting switch overheat, can reduce the load running, but should strengthen the monitoring. ( 8) In 3/2 connection, if an isolating switch overheat, can open loop operation, overheating of the isolation switch. ( 9) If isolating switch fever worsening: threaten the safe operation, shall be immediately power handling. Not isolating switch, the power can be charged homework for processing.
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