Knowledge of shallow light cold tube

by:Mings     2020-06-26

by the previous introduction, believe that most of the users with heat shrinkable tube is now, so today let let's open the doors of the cold tube of the world. The check of the cold tube products through many years practice, has proven to be an excellent protective sealing products, widely used in electric power, communication, locomotive, aerospace and military industry, etc. Now in the cold tube products due to its infancy stage, facing the huge market opportunities. Cold tube, as its name at the top of the same word, is 'cold', relative to the market more unpopular, rusty, but now the situation is getting better and better. In fact, the origin of the cold tube are named relative to the heat shrinkable tube, heat demand shorten called heat shrinkable tube, not heating demand as long as the article draw support can narrow pipes are called cold tube.

cold tube cold generally refers to shorten the cable accessories, shrinkage cable accessories is to use liquid silicone rubber injection of vulcanization molding in the factory, through the expansion, lined with plastic screw support form a variety of cable accessories parts, the scene in the device, will the expansion set, in through the handling of cable end or tapping out internal support plastic support, pressure on the cable insulation of cable accessories. Since it is at room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than the heat shrinkable cable accessories using heat to shorten the same demand, this also is why it's called the cold cable accessories. Its main products are series of three kinds, respectively is 0. 6/1 kv LSY1, 8 cold shrink power cable accessories. 7/15 kv cold shrink power cable accessories LSY10, 26/35 kv cold shrink power cable accessories LSY35 three series products.

cold technology also known as the pre expansion, by mechanical means that will open in advance, elastic rubber in elastic range set into the plastic wire core to be fixed. Device, only demand pulling wire core, elastomer quickly shorten and tight on the cable ontology. Silicone rubber shrink tube or ethylene propylene rubber cold tube has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistant function, to share the sealing effect, is the communication cable, coaxial cable, low voltage power cables in the ideal sealing products.

then let's talk about using the process of cold tube. First? Let's prepare a silicone rubber cold tube material, the inner diameter of the cold tube must be than coated thick cable is a little bigger, in this way can in a shortened time wrapped thick cable tight, high-magnification shorter range also can pack tightly together fine cable; Second through to coated products aimed at azimuth grabbing at cable cold tube material, the other one hand quietly transferred article inside white ring support, make it quickly shortened, thoroughly coated to protect local; Then draw so that it is rapidly reduced. In the process of installation, pay attention to two points, one is to want to consider the outside diameter of the coarse and fine cable, before not smoke more than thick cable, shrink after less than thin cable, to meet the applicable range of the cable; The second point is not backward in smoked pull, aim to maintain orientation, to correct operation. This is briefly application of the cold tube, expectations can be any assistance to you.

cold tube is good without hot heated shortened, at high altitude effect have certain advantages, the principle of due to its special, very suitable for outdoor use. Although cold tube for heat shrinkable tube, endure relatively narrow range of application, function also is not so strong heat shrinkable tube, but it is other insulating materials in the communications industry insurmountable, now widely used in domestic mobile, unicom and telecommunications tower feeder is applied, and its resistance to corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation aging and waterproof function is very good, it also applies to the power cable termination and the connection among the processing. Cold tube is chosen smoked pull support at room temperature, shorten the cold tube needs no heat source, construction more lunch.


cold tube expanding rate and permanent deformation rate must be between a relationship: the influence of the expansion rate, the greater the is the greater the deformation of rubber hose occurs, thus will lead to greater permanent deformation rate. Because most of the cold tube domestic product these two parameters control is bad, the function of the product and quality are not up to the user's requirements. These two parameters, reflected the cold tube manufacturer's technical strength and production capacity.

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