Lead cable package crack fault repair

by:Mings     2020-07-19

this kind of failure mostly occur in the vertical height of high cable head lower, see more quite general cable on the tower. Such as cracks, first should evaluate its damage degree, if has yet to reach full conditions of cracks caused by leakage, and insulation not be affected with damp be affected with damp, can take the following two repair methods.

(1) the lead technicians to repair method is adopted. This method is suitable for the cracked degree range is not big, to a lesser degree.

(2) sealed with epoxy bandaging method. This method is suitable for the cracked range is larger. See epoxy method content with bare.

cable outer sheath damaged to repair

1. When found kai layer and strengthening belt damage, should choose the former kai layer or strengthen the belt of the same material, according to the original pitch around the package, outside protective layer. Should pad 1 -, sheath 2 layers of plastic belt, and bitumen coating paint, around the bales of kai or reinforced belt should be 100 - long out of the original damage 150 mm and lap kai loading or strengthening layer of cable itself. Outside the replication of strengthening belt or kai pack with tin plated copper wire wrapped and tied tightly, in strengthening belt or kai's build it, the hole with soldering or welding lead line and the strengthening of winding belt or kai kai installed with cable itself or strengthen with weld, which are coated with anticorrosive material layer on the outside of it.

(2) the discovery of rubber and plastic cable outer sheath after damage, also should choose the same as the original sheath material, plastic welding torch with patch block method to blow hot air welding or use the drill and rubber belt tightly wound; Damage more set of hot shrinkage sheath can be an can reel package, reheat shrinkage.

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