Long running and mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator performance affected by what - Composite insulator, high voltage insulator, lightning protection

by:Mings     2020-05-07
In composite insulator in the long run under load is variable, * to bear the weight of wire, when there is wind or ice attached to withstand wind load and ice load. In the complex stress conditions, the line may appear wire dancing, time block vibration and breeze, and so on and so forth. Therefore, in the actual operation of composite insulator is including tension, torsion, bending of the complex dynamic load. Due to any loads can be decomposed into sine load, thus the composite insulator in ShiJiaJing tensile superposition on the basis of the amplitude and frequency adjustable sinusoidal alternating tensile load to study the dynamic mechanical properties of composite insulator. In the actual operation, the insulator mandrel inevitably bear torque effect, through ShiJiaJing stretched superimposed alternating torque to simulate the stress state. ( 1) Dynamic foundation under torsion load effect on the properties of composite insulator mandrel under a certain frequency, by means of a certain length of composite insulator mandrel do under different load dynamic torsion test and research base load effect the performance of the mandrel. Under different load action basis ( 40 kN, 60 kN, 80 kN, 100 kN) Applying frequency of composite insulator is 0. For - 2 Hz, torsion Angle 100. ~ + 100. Dynamic torsion, by measuring the time to evaluate its performance. ( 2) Under dynamic torsional frequency effect on the properties of composite insulator mandrel under certain length and the load, by means of composite insulator mandrel do dynamic torsion test under different frequency, the frequency effect the performance of the mandrel. In the same under static loading, insulator points of L = 600 mm (under high load More than 80 kN) , along with the increase of frequency, visible cracking time showed a trend of decrease; Under lower load, Below 60 kN) , along with the change of frequency, time changed little visible cracking. ( 3) Under dynamic torsional torque affect the performance of composite insulator mandrel, under a certain frequency can be based on a certain length of composite insulator mandrel do with foundation under the load of dynamic torsion test, to study the effects of torque on the mandrel performance. For - 2 Hz, torsion Angle 100. ~ + 100. The dynamic torsion. In the experiment, the change of the core rod torque is determined by core rod length changes, the torsional Angle of - 100. A + 100. 【 Dc composite insulator FRP rod on a message: lead to brittle fracture of the source of the stress corrosion of acid 】 【 The next message: mechanical and electrical damage load test run insulator characteristics 】
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