Low voltage line pull - why do you want to install insulator Low voltage line cord insulator installation principle of high voltage insulator, composite insulator, suspension

by:Mings     2020-05-19
'Technical specification' rural low voltage electric power DL499 - 92 ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'rules') 5. 6. Article 15 the specific provision: & other; Pole guy must be installed with the same tension insulator line voltage level. Under low wire tension insulator should be packed in *, higher than 3 m above the ground. ” This is to prevent someone shaking arrows or other reasons that cause stay charged conductor is in contact with the guy, get an electric shock accidents. This rule is necessary, also is very strict, but in the actual work and life, because of low voltage line cord insulator or not for insulator installation does not conform to the requirements of the 'regulations', and some other reasons and make the guy charged person get an electric shock caused by injuries and other livestock deaths and injuries occur almost everywhere all have, through the investigation and handling several such accidents, found that there are objective reasons, this kind of accident is also there are technical reasons, some factors for the reason, but in the end, or due to violate the regulations to install. Due to low pressure stay charged causing casualties on the cause of the accident getting an electric shock, basically has the following several aspects: ( 1) Power sector in the circuit design, there is no design according to provisions of the regulation, ignored the low line cord must be installed the rules of the insulator. According to the author knows, most places at present, rural low voltage power line pull no tension insulator design installation, attaches great importance to this problem should be cause electric power department. ( 2) In the circuit design or construction, only consider how to reduce the cost of line, and ignore the security. Stay not insulator, and stay with fixed cross arm brace of iron with a hoop. Once the wire loose fall off for some reason on the cross arm or insulation porcelain insulator rupture breakdown, easy to cause the guy charged, man or beast contact wire, it is easy to cause casualty accident getting an electric shock. ( 3) Low voltage wire installation is unqualified, and stay too close; Some insulated wire, direct contact with guy because of disrepair, wire insulation aging or broken, so she could stay charged. ( 4) Stay although the composite insulator installation, but the installation position is not according to stipulations, also easy to cause lead into the thread and charged. ( 5) Lead loose of transformer in and out of touch guy, or down lead tracking stay charged. ( 6) Pedestrians don't understand the safe sense, in violation of the electricity laws and regulations, to play on the guy shaking or casually chuan cattle or man-made destruction, in the case of stay charged is artificially electric shock accident. With the popularity of rural electricity, electricity users than point area wide line length, and safety is very important. According to * electricity safety accidents in recent years, due to low voltage wire charged occupied large proportion of the electric shock accident, as the people law consciousness enhancement caused such power lawsuit cases are more and more, therefore we must draw high attention and recognition. Through practical work and research, in view of the above problems puts forward the following measures, for reference: ( 1) Seize the opportunity for the rural electric reform, increasing investment, design and construction of low voltage line, must be from a security perspective, drawing must be mounted to the insulator, its installation location must conform to the stipulations of the 'rules'. ( 2) Organize professional team for all low voltage in the grid lines on a comprehensive safety inspection, found that defects and instruct the related departments to deal with problems in time, to stay with high voltage insulator, all reinstatement of insulator. ( 3) Safe propaganda work earnestly, education people to understand the basic knowledge of electricity, don't touch, pull or on the anchor bolt cattle, etc. , so as to avoid unnecessary electric shock accidents. ( 4) On the pole and pull the two & other; There is a risk of electric & throughout; “ Banned climbing & throughout; Such as eye-catching signs, in order to alert pedestrians. ( 5) Behavior of sabotage power facilities, according to the electricity regulations, stepping up his efforts. To sum up, only stay with insulator is installed in proper position, can prevent the accident caused by the guy charged phenomenon occurred. Even if for some reason the guy charged, if add the stay insulator, also won't happen casualty accident getting an electric shock. Only in this way can ensure the normal operation of the electric power line and personal safety. 【 A message: on the insulator salt density measurement method, equivalent high voltage insulator, composite insulator 】 【 Under a message: the lever method indirect replacement double circuit line insulator, how online way to replace insulator 】
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