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by:Mings     2020-05-31
One of the many reasons why distribution transformer manufacturers in india have been excelling in designing and delivering high quality is use of globally acclaimed quality and engineering technologies. As distribution transformers play a significant role in maintaining less loss of electricity during its distribution from power plants (Generator Point) to colonies and homes. Manufacturering in India Scenario of transformer suppliers and manufacturers in India stands today completely changed. Now they are advanced in designing and testing of transformers as to finally launch the best transformer to meet precise requirements of their client. Some transformer manufacturers in India are especially boasted with the responsibility of supplying customized transformers to government bodies. They design transformers as per the need of power distribution project. How to Test it: Power Transformers are tested to ensure their fitment for purpose of justifying their electrical, mechanical and thermal suitability for a distribution project. Testing parameters for this devices are defined by certain national standards such as NEMA, ANSI or BEE, ISO, ITMAI etc. These bodies implements a uniform set of quality standards that are honored by both of manufacturers as well as users. Field Testing Transformer: Field testing is divided into three main categories viz., acceptance, periodic and 'test after failure' (if necessary). Acceptance Test Almost all distribution transformer manufacturers in india carry out the process of acceptance test. It is conducted immediately after transformer has arrived at the destination. Here are the few tests that are the integral part of acceptance test of transformer: Periodical Tests Periodical tests are conducted on frequent intervals after the device has been installed. Only well qualified and experienced professionals are deployed to inspect quality and technical specifications of the device. One of the chief advantages of periodical tests is that you can foresee ensuing issues, faults or sudden outages etc. Objectives of Distribution Transformer Manufacturers Consultation and Advisory Services Power distribution projects are complex in nature and sometimes deciding a transformer gets a bit tough. In case you have little clue about the same taking consultation and advice from experts ensure that you have opted for the best solutions to meet your transformer requirements.
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