Measuring the equivalent composite insulator salt solution

by:Mings     2020-05-08
Measuring the equivalent composite insulator salt density solution when measuring insulator surface filth salt density value, how much the thickness value of the total water consumption is influential, and the filthy composition is different, the impact of size is different, it is necessary to discuss on this a little bit. 1. Conductivity and concentration of salt solution as mentioned above, the relationship between equivalent salt ( Or salt) Refers to a certain amount of conductivity is equal in the solution. Of all kinds of impurity content in aqueous solution, however, vary with the different concentration of ionization degree, and electrolytic degree is different, its conductivity along with the change of concentration is different. Some electrolyte conductivity characteristics under different concentration, the rule is: conductivity is increases with the increase of concentration at the beginning, to a certain value, the concentration increases again, conductivity fell instead, and there is no linear relationship between conductivity and concentration. To know something about the characteristics of electrolyte, it is very important to measure and determine the salt density value, composite insulator indicates that the salt density value measurement should be within the scope of the small concentration of solution conductivity on, otherwise there will be a great error. In order to further explore the performance of the conductivity of the electrolyte solution here refers to the concept of equivalent conductivity. Equivalent conductance is 1 l solvent lg equivalent of conductance of the solute. Sets the equivalent conductance of A solution to A, it is A function of the solution concentration C when IL solution contained in the solute gram equivalent number representation, the X-ray AC10 - 3 ( s /厘米) 。 01 n, even some of the electrolyte in the concentration of 0. 01 N decline is not much, as a constant, this part if you can think in secret and solubility and influence degree of ionization, had no effect on the size of the water consumption of salt density measurements. Electrode constant relationship with the salt solution concentration of several common electrode in standards of different concentration of potassium chloride solution constant checking results. Test results show that the electrode constant is not a constant value, it increases with the increase of the concentration; The more the greater the concentration, the extent of increase is big; Most of the electrodes have significant changes in the factory value. Think electrode constant is a constant value, therefore, it has nothing to do with the solution concentration is unfounded. But when measuring will not vary with the concentration change of electrode constant as a constant value, the error measurement results. And measurement results according to the above analysis, we can find out the measurement under different water equivalent salt range data is the main influence factors of conductivity electrode constant change with concentration, concentration increases, the electrode constant also have greatly increased, and the measure that its constant is a constant, so the small measured value, and its error increases with the reduction of the amount of water or salt also increases. Secondly. Different water measurement to check with the same salt and conductivity curve and the results have some error. Usually to 1 piece of suspension insulator natural defile the upper limit of the equivalent salt is about 1000 ~ 1500 mg, such as electrode was used to measure the water use should not less than 150 ~ 200 ml. At the same time, in order not to measure the electrical conductivity of the conductivity and concentration down part of the curve, also should use enough water to reduce its concentration as far as possible. Water is necessary and appropriate. As for to increase water use will make the measured value has some increase, but not for the essence of the determination of impurity level has changed, thus attempts to obtain more under a lot of water measurement value have practical significance is worth considering, and too much water can bring certain difficulty to the practical work. 2%, or 10 ml water can dissolve 20 & mu; G, 300 ml water soluble 600 & mu; G, the amount of dissolved electrolytes is proportional to the water, so the concentration of the solution has not changed, just with the increase of the amount of water and salt is proportional to the increase. Several kinds of electrolytes in the measurement of high voltage insulator under different water equivalent salt, the result confirmed our previous analysis of several basic conclusion, namely: ( 1) A certain amount of electrolyte, the measured with different water when the result is different: in the small salt, due to the concentration of small, little difference between measurement results under different water; And large salt, the measurement difference is big. ( 2) Measuring the same electrolyte, especially when large salt, water consumption is less, the greater the error. Several kinds of electrolytes (measured l ~ 1000毫克) , it is necessary to use 300 ml of deionized water. 【 On a message: high voltage composite insulator type classification and principle of 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator equivalent salt density measurement method of 】
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