Mechanical and electrical damage - load test run insulator characteristics High voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-04-28
Mechanical and electrical damage load test run insulator performance level different mechanical strength drop problems found. Some composite insulator mandrel in rated slip up under the mechanical load, composite insulator operation removed after years of mechanical strength test. Some core rod out from the end hardware, some appear rupture. Analysis of the reasons: one is due to end connection structure and technology of the existing problems; The second is due to the creep properties of rods and material aging problem. In the operation of the temporary, due to the atmospheric environment, electric field and mechanical force factors such as joint action, the glass fiber core rod can produce mechanical fatigue, epoxy resin material aging, end hardware and mandrel cooperate also there will be a loose connection, as a result, production units should be on the metal end connection with mandrel process strictly to good quality. At the same time for the operation of the composite insulator regular monitoring measures should be taken to mechanical strength, combined with the length of run, declining rate of mechanical strength, nip in the bud. In addition, the domestic and foreign composite insulator has occurred during the operation of a brittle fracture accident, brittle fracture occurs near the composite insulator lead the hardware connection, the reason of the brittle fracture is due to water medium acid temporarily slow corrosion caused by core rod section mandrel remaining section breaks cannot accept external mechanical load. To prevent brittle fracture of composite insulator in the operation of the one is to improve the quality of end seal, preventing crack; The second is to prevent the silicone rubber sheath. Partial defects and surface damage; Three is to improve the end electric field distribution. In fact, whenever in brittle fracture of the composite insulator are mostly defects exist in the process of manufacturing or in the transport, installation, operation of the sheath material damage to the insulator, therefore, before running the insulator shall be carefully check, the defect of insulator in power grid operation before to be removed. As the growth of the running time, mechanical and electrical damage load test is an important index for detecting insulator performance characteristics. Mechanical and electrical damage low load test results of products. The trend of mechanical strength will reduce gradually. For online operating life on the road of different high voltage insulator mechanical and electrical performance contrast test, found that local porcelain insulator running 1525 years later, the test value is lower than the factory test standard, not qualified rate with the increase of operating life. And better stability and dispersion in porcelain insulator composite insulator porcelain and glass insulator for high frequency vibration fatigue test, the test results indicate the electromechanical vibration after glass insulator strength changed little, and electrical and mechanical strength decreased obviously after vibration insulator. On the one hand, this is because domestic insulator manufacturer is more, due to factors such as material and manufacturing process, product quality dispersion. On the other hand, because of the porcelain around the nexus of contracts is a heterogeneous material, in the process of the operation of the temporary, role by all kinds of mechanical shock, vibration, may cause damage to the porcelain body, resulting in a decline in mechanical properties. From the point of insulator running record at home and abroad, domestic level of insulator remaining big disparity with the international level. 【 On a message: long running and mechanical properties of the composite insulator, composite insulator performance affected by what 】 【 A message: under the influence of different connection forms of composite insulator mechanical load.
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