Mine cable laying construction installation requirements

by:Mings     2020-07-13

with good quality products, professional talent and perfect after-sales service, the successful implementation of the 'radiation in bozhou for point' of the country's sales strategy, and achieved good results, trusted by the user. Let the small make up to you to introduce mine construction requirements of cable laying installation!

the design and construction of the mine cable laying installation shall be in accordance with the GB 50217 - 94 'electric power cable design code' and other relevant provisions, and USES the necessary cable accessories ( Terminal and connector) 。 Operation quality, safety and reliability of power supply system is not only related to the mine cable itself quality, and also is associated with the construction quality of cable accessories and wiring. Statistical analysis through the line fault, due to factors such as construction, installation and connection failure often than mine cable faults caused by the ontology is much more likely. So to correctly choose mine cable and related accessories, except in accordance with the requirements of specification for the design and construction, should also pay attention to the following several aspects.

1) cable installation shall be carried out by a qualified professional unit or professionals, and do not conform to the requirements of the relevant rules of construction and installation, could lead to a cable system can not run normally.

(2) human laying cable, should be unified command and control the rhythm, every one. 5 - Put 3 m someone shoulder cable, side, slowly.

3. Mechanical casting cable, generally adopts special cable laying machine is equipped with necessary drawing tools, traction, control proper size uniform, so as not to damage the cable.

4 cast before cable, to check the cable and head are intact appearance, pay attention to the direction of rotation of cable, when casting don't squashed or scratch the cable outer sheath, low temperature in winter when do not break way to straight cable, so as to avoid insulation, sheath craze.

5. When the bending radius of the cable laying should be greater than the specified value. Measured with 1000 v megohmmeter before installing the cable laying cable insulation resistance between the conductor is normal, and according to the cable specifications, length and different as the result of the measurement of the ambient temperature properly modified, small size, Under 10 was solid conductor) Cable should also measure the conductor is on and off.

6 cable directly buried installation, such as, attention should be paid to soil conditions, general building under the embedding depth of cable should be no less than 0. 3 m, a soft or surrounding environment more complex, such as cultivated land, building construction site or road, it is certain to should have buried depth ( ( 0. 7 - 1m) , in case of accidental damage from buried cable should be erected sign when necessary.

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