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Mings Electricity Participated in the Indonesia Power Exhibition 2019

Mings Electricity Participated in the Indonesia Power Exhibition 2019


From September 11 to 14, Mings Electricity participated in the "19th Power Generation, Renewable Energy & Electrical Equipment Exhibition" in Indonesia. As a large-scale energy and power exhibition in Indonesia, it has successfully held eighteen sessions. The exhibitors come from more than 50 countries and regions in the world, attracting more than 20,000 visitors. It is a recognized opportunity for exhibitors and professionals in the industry to promote products and occupy the international market.

During the exhibition, the sales and technical team of Mings Electricity introduced Mings Electricity's complete power transmission product and power distribution solutions to the audience with professional, enthusiastic and active service attitude. The solutions cover research and development, design, supply chain organization and construction of power transmission and distribution lines. Through this exhibition, Mings Electricity will further extend its products and complete power transmission and distribution solutions to Indonesia and surrounding areas to meet the growing demand for power infrastructure construction in Southeast Asia.

Technology and Sales Team

Team with Customers

This exhibition not only gives us a direct understanding of the specific needs of product development and market in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia, but also has great significance for improving the technical content of our products, adjusting and improving the product structure. Mings Electricity will continue to work hard to strengthen technology and produce more high quality products to give back to customers!

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