Nanjing models LXHY5 - glass insulator 70

by:Mings     2020-07-11
Fouling resistance type hanging glass insulator & gt;> LXHY5 - 70 LXHY5 - 70 fouling resistance type hanging glass insulator technology parameters of the general code U70BP / 146 hu70bp hu70bp / 146/146 h abundant new models LXHY4 - electrical insulator 70 lxhy5 - 70 lxhy6 - 70 ( 毫米) Nominal diameter D255280320 ( 毫米) The structure height H146146146 ( 毫米) L400450550 (nominal creepage distance 毫米) The connecting type 161616 ( kN) Mechanical damage load 707070 ( kN) One tensile test (353535 kV) Wet power frequency withstand voltage (454545 kV) Lightning impulse withstand voltage (110125140 P。 U) 2 impulse breakdown voltage. 82. 82. 8 ( kV) Power frequency flashover voltage (130130130 µV) Radio interference ( 10 kv, 1 mhz) 505050 ( kV) Visible corona feet/cap / 18/2218 2218/22 power frequency arc tests 0. 12 s / 20 ka0。 12 s / 20 ka0。 12s/20kA( 公斤) Insulator monolithic 4 net. 65. 89. 2
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