Nuclear power plant construction operation communication is the most important

by:Mings     2020-06-25
'Communication is the most important. 'This is the Westinghouse electric company Asia President jack Allen said of Japan's fukushima nuclear plant accident treatment, when it comes to the first point. < P> on March 14, 2011 in Tokyo Japan earthquake Allen just the job. Westinghouse, the task is to provide technical assistance to tepco. < / P> < P> 'both sides need to further communication, which can make to help reach the designated position, provide effective assistance in a timely manner. Communication including corporate and personal level. 'Allen believes that if the safety of the personnel training in place, before the accident, to make a better early warning and disposal. < / P> < P> Westinghouse is the world's largest electrical equipment manufacturing company, at the same time committed to the development of nuclear power technology, now more than 50% of the global nuclear power technology originated from Westinghouse. Zhejiang sanmen under construction in China and shandong haiyang nuclear power unit 4, is the state nuclear power technology company work hand-in-hand with Westinghouse. The world's first third-generation AP1000 nuclear power station will be built in zhejiang sanmen. In line with the principle of 'the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation', again on AP1000 technology innovation, with independent intellectual property rights in our country CAP1400 preliminary design has been basically completed. < / P> < P> recently, Allen and state nuclear power technology company, chairman of the China youth daily reporter interviewed Wang Binghua joint, 'communication' 2 words often appear in their introduction. < / P> < P> after the fukushima accident in Japan, state nuclear power technology company in accordance with the requirements of the national nuclear security administration finished two projects under construction safety inspection work. With Westinghouse, timely and detailed communication of AP1000 design response to fukushima conditions conducted a series of tests, and check each other under different conditions. Evaluation showed that the AP1000 have the ability to prevent and mitigate serious accident, can resist similar super design benchmark events of fukushima. AP1000 within 72 hours after the accident, can not need outside power, the dynamic system of human intervention, equipment support, will plant into a stable state, and gradually reduce the operator intervention and dependence on external power source. < / P> < P> the fukushima accident was caused by earthquake external power outages caused serious accident, so the testing work is very complicated. < / P> < P> 'is a magnitude 9 earthquake and 0. 52g( G is the gravitational acceleration, is approximately equal to 9. 8m/s2) Horizontal acceleration, a tsunami is 14 meters high and 5 meters high, the tsunami of floods, these parameters are input to the system and measure, after the conclusion of Westinghouse is safe, Shanghai nuclear engineering research and design institute independently of the conclusion is the security, means AP1000 fukushima enough to resist the earthquake accident impact, HongShuiChao design limit. 'Wang Binghua explained,' we and determine the principle of Westinghouse, is on the basis of the existing security, to further enhance the security. '< / P> < P> Wang Binghua introduction, AP1000 improvement measures mainly include four aspects. < / P> < P> 1, 72 hours after the safety period? This is the state nuclear power technology corporation and Westinghouse are thinking should further improve the problem. < / P> < P> second, in the external aid, portable diesel generators and water pumps in the process of group pile arrangement on how to configure? Wang Binghua revealed that the design is optimized, and the demand of a 100% to adapt to all of the interface conditions to structures, the reliability of the diesel engine. < / P> < P> third, part of the structures of the seismic grade and the installed inside the corresponding power equipment for further evaluation, in order to ensure structure safety and the safety of the structures within the system. < / P> < P> 4, in the last part of the structure of flood conditions, how to further use some can flood water closed door. < / P> < P> to put in the public eye some mysterious nuclear project progress and improvement measures so openly show, Wang Binghua repeatedly showed his views: 'open and transparent is a prominent feature of nuclear culture. '< / P> < P> the fukushima accident disasters, make people for the safety of nuclear power plant put forward more questions. To this, Allen, 90 days after the accident the nuclear tube will provide a report, see many of AP1000 technology needs to be improved. Currently, the nuclear club through the latest version of the assessment report of AP1000, have considered the fukushima accident lesson again. Except for the soft foundation design modification does not apply to the sanmen and haiyang foundation rock mass, and to resist malicious impact large commercial aircraft plant in China has no legal requirement, self-independence of China the sanmen and haiyang third generation nuclear power use relying on the project has the new version of amendments. < / P>
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