On the carrier of electric energy of the Internet has entered a stage of diversification, scale development

by:Mings     2020-07-16

2019 - 2025 energy of network planning, in order to transform the energy of electricity as the carrier and the hub has become the industry consensus, proposed by state grid company 'three type two nets, a world-class' strategic goal is energy for the development of the Internet industry one of the important practice, promoting energy diversification, scale development, the Internet as the tsinghua university electrical engineering department experts, 'in the power of things is energy Internet in the instantiation of the electric power industry'.

the expert thinks, the mission of the generic in the power of things, is to break block energy ecological open sharing all kinds of barriers, which include two categories: the first is, the wall of physics, such as cold, heat, gas, electricity, transportation, such as the barriers between different industries, to build the integrated energy system to break through; Such as fixed network and mobile energy barriers between consumers, by wireless charging energy 'Wi - such as more convenient Fi 'to break. , the wall of the second type is a physical, including management of wall and wall of wall of commercial, regional, policy of wall and wall of discipline and so on. '

' wisdom 'of thinking is the advocate and promote the complementary pluripotent synergy: from coal, oil and gas pipeline network intelligent to cold, heat, electricity pluripotent fusion, are in the' wisdom of energy industry development planning ', but are not limited to electric power. In large-scale centralized development area, development of wind power, clean coal comprehensive utilization of energy intensive industries; In electrical energy by the end regions, develop clean energy, thermal power plant system of distributed photovoltaic, wind power, and gas comprehensive utilization of electricity, cold and heat, embodied in: smart grid, smart meters and smart home, etc.

from the recent energy, including extensive is in power the Internet of things, the Internet industry practice, to activate the upstream and downstream industry chain, transfer profit space, to bring new business models, bring revolutionary change for the energy industry. But in the long run, the energy of the Internet, goal, is greatly cut use of fossil fuels, implement clean energy use. Someone said that the 'wisdom' energy will cause energy revolution ', also someone says wisdom energy 'is the result of the energy revolution. Anyway, the energy industry is undergoing change, don't do that were left behind. On the carrier of electric energy for the future of the Internet, we embrace together.

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