Overhead line there are several kinds of materials used in the insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-03

overhead distribution lines common insulator has pin insulator, column type, suspension insulator, porcelain insulator (butterfly insulator Also called tea porcelain) , rod porcelain insulator, pull porcelain insulator, porcelain crossarm insulator, discharge clamp porcelain insulator, etc. Low voltage circuit with low voltage porcelain has two kinds of pin type and butterfly.

Beijing heng electrical insulator manufacturer for you to answer:

1. Pin insulator is mainly used for straight rod and the rotation of the Angle smaller rod support conductor, divided into two kinds of high pressure and low pressure.

2。 Pillar porcelain insulator. The purpose of the pillar porcelain insulator and pin type insulator basic same. Pillar porcelain insulator porcelain insulation pouring in the base iron boots, formation, bags of porcelain 'to' iron gate structure as shown in the figure below. But using pillar porcelain insulator, set up straight Angle pole lead Angle can't is too large, lateral force can not exceed the allowed bending strength pillar porcelain insulator.

3。 Hanging porcelain insulator is mainly used for overhead power distribution line tension rod, generally low voltage circuit adopts a suspension insulator suspension wire, 10 kv line by using two pieces of insulator string hanging wires. Hanging porcelain insulator metal accessories, ball and socket type and trough type two kinds.

4。 The butterfly insulator commonly known as tea table vases. Divided into two kinds of high pressure and low pressure, on 10 kv line butterfly type of porcelain insulator and suspension insulator 'tea', for small cross-section wire tension rod, terminal stem or branch rod, etc. , or in the way of low-tension wire, as a straight line or tension insulator.

5。 Porcelain crossarm insulator is outside the gate at one end of metal accessories solid porcelain, commonly used in 10 kv line straight rod.

6。 Rod porcelain insulator. Porcelain insulator is also called the pull rod rod type, is the end or ends outside watering the steel cap solid porcelain body, or pure porcelain pull rods.

7。 Stay porcelain insulator is also called pull round porcelain, general used for overhead power distribution line terminal, corner, tension rod through the conductor on the pull of the lower upper cord and wire insulation.

8。 Discharge clamping insulator. Discharge clamp the bottom of the insulator and the column type insulator basic same, iron inner insulation porcelain in the base, forming bags of porcelain 'to' iron casting structure, the top insulating porcelain poured in iron cap, aluminum clamp are installed on iron cap.

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